Nahay Khay - 24 Oct (Tue)
Lohanda and Kharna - 25 Oct (Wed)
Chhath Puja - 26 Oct (Thu)
Usha Arghya - 27 Oct (Fri)

FAQ - Hindu Calendar &

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Drik Panchang FAQ
Q.1. Do you list start timings or end timings in day Panchang?
Ans. In day Panchang all timings are end timings. When we list More...

Q.2. How Hindu Sunrise and Sunset moments are different from astronomical Sunrise and Sunset?
Ans. Hindu sunrise and sunset are not observational More...

Q.3. Please tell me more about mysterious Kashya month in Hindu Calendar. When it happened last and when it will happen next?
Ans. Kashya month or skipped month is a rare phenomenon in Hindu calendar More...

Q.4. How to download and install theme from to mobile phone?
Ans. There are couples of ways to download and install theme on your mobile phone. More...

Q.5. How to download and install Drik Panchang from to mobile phone?
Ans. There are couples of ways to download and install drik Panchang on your mobile phone More...

Q.6. Why should I buy Panchang license? How to buy and activate Panchang once it is installed on mobile phone?
Ans. Why buy license? 1000 years Panchang app should be unlocked to access all features More...

Q.7. What payment options are available for Panchang activation?
Ans. Make Check/Demand Draft in favour of "Adarsh Mobile Applications LLP" More...

Q.8. What are Purnimant and Amavasyant options? Which option should I choose?
Ans. Lunar month is basic unit of Hindu calendar, which is lunisolar based calendar. More...
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