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Kala Sarpa Yoga Calculator | Kalasarpa Dosha Calculator | Kaalsarpa Yoga Finder

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Kalasarpa Yoga
Kalasarpa Dosha
Kala Sarpa Yoga Calculator
As per Vedic astrology Kala Sarpa Yoga is an inauspicious Yoga in the birth horoscope of a person. Hence it is also known as Kala Sarpa Dosha. Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when all planets are positioned between Rahu and Ketu in Janma Kundali. In such Kundali any five consecutive houses are always empty.

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Kalasarpa Yoga Calculator

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All Kala Sarpa Dosha have been categorized into twelve categories.
  1. Anant (अनन्त)
  2. Kulik (कुलिक)
  3. Vasuki (वासुकि)
  4. Shankhapal (शङ्खपाल)
  5. Padma (पद्म)
  6. Maha Padma (महापद्म)
  7. Takshak (तक्षक)
  8. Karkotak (कर्कोटक)
  9. Shankhachoodh (शङ्खचूड़)
  10. Ghatak (घातक)
  11. Vishakt (विषाक्त)
  12. Sheshnag (शेषनाग)

Some astrologers also consider partial Kala Sarpa Dosha. In Partial Kala Sarpa Dosha, all planets except one are positioned between Rahu and Ketu. As partial Kaal Sarpa Dosha is not widely accepted, Drik Panchang doesn't list them.
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