Nahay Khay - 24 Oct (Tue)
Lohanda and Kharna - 25 Oct (Wed)
Chhath Puja - 26 Oct (Thu)
Usha Arghya - 27 Oct (Fri)

Durga Saptashati | Chandi Path | Devi Mahatamya

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Durga Saptashati
Durga Saptashati
During 9 days of Navratri, it is significant to chant the sacred book of Durga Saptashati (दुर्गा सप्तशती). Durga Saptashati is a collection of 700 verses in glorification of Goddess Durga and the book describes various aspects of Devi. Due to number of Shloks, the book is known as Durga Saptashati i.e. 700 = 7*100 = Sapt*Shati. As the book is about the magnificence of Goddess Durga, it is also known as Devi Mahatamya (देवी महात्म्य).

The book is recited loudly and clearly during Navratri, the process of reading the book ritualistically is known as Chandi Path (चण्डी पाठ).

Durga Saptashati is part of Markandeya Purana and the collection of 700 verses is divided into 13 chapters. These 13 chapters are further divided into 3 sections which are known as First Episode, Middle Episode and Final Episode.
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