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DeepakDhanu Varshik Rashifal | Sagittarius Yearly PredictionDeepak

Dhanu Rashi

Dhanu | Sagittarius


Dhanu Rashifal | Sagittarius Horoscope

Dhanu Rashi

…know what Panditji predicts for the year.

Health: Your health may decline at the beginning of the year, remain careful. Avoid travelling between 01 January and 19 September. A sudden injury is likely. You will have to face unexpected troubles and distressing situations. You may develop a fatal disease this year. You will have to improve your routine and make some lifestyle changes. Control your stubborn attitude and don’t worry too much.

Financial Condition: Remember one thing, that buying anything on instalments or credit will only increase your financial woes, as your financial condition will be worrisome between 24 January and 13 February. Plan your budget prudently as unnecessary expenses are possible. You may have to borrow money or take a loan for some familial reasons between 30 March and 30 June. Your social commitments will also add to expenses. Strong Saturn in your birth chart will give you some respite.

Business and Career: Your business and career will demand your full attention this year. Don’t trust too much or leave everything on your employees, betrayal is likely. Some major ups and downs will occur in your business between 14 May and 19 September, remain careful. Temporary employees will find some difficulties in their job. Make efforts to achieve permanent employment or turn the existing temporary into permanent position to avoid facing any unwanted situation. Those who have their business registered on their child’s name will have better profit prospects.

Family and Social Life: The year will cause mental stress and worries to you, with a possibility of discord in the family. The year will prove to be a little testing for married couples. Marriage prospects for singles will further delayed. Disputes with siblings and father will affect the peace in your family. You will be blamed in certain situations. Women in your family will be the root cause of most of the conflicts. You are advised to remain silent in such situations. If planets in your horoscope are favourable enough then you will attain high repute and prestige in society.

Love Life: Your married life will be normal. But, the health of your children will be a matter of concern. Small issues will cause conflicts amongst family members and your wife may turn a little ill-tempered. Your life partner knows you rather too well and is well aware of your activities, so don’t try to fool them. Don’t praise or mention your ex-girlfriend or some other women in front of your present girlfriend. Resolve matters in your relationship with peace and try to connect with your partner emotionally.

Fairer Sex: Women natives may develop or contract venereal diseases this year. Disputes and discord will be rife in the family. You will also have tensions from your children’s side. There will be dissatisfaction in your married life, separation is also likely. For single women, their engagement may break or face some unexpected issues. Remain careful and exercise discretion while communicating with your partner or fiancé on mobile. Pregnant women are advised to remain extra careful.

Governmental Position: If you are associated with politics then you will definitely find success in your political career. You will have stronghold and authority in your political sphere. However, planets in your horoscope will also play an important role to shape your career. You may get to assume an important position in your party or organization. Reach out to people from weaker economic sections; help them in getting government aids, medical facilities, acquaint them with various beneficial schemes and work for their overall betterment.

Student Life: Students will seldom get expected results in their academics this year. It will be disheartening to see that the hard work will not yield appropriate results. There will be mental stress and obstacles in studies. The period between 22 March and 14 May will be favourable for the students of Computer Science and engineering. Keep working towards your goal with a positive mind, success will be certain. College students should keep a tab on their tongue and avoid getting into romantic relationship unnecessarily.

Summary: The year of 2020 will be average with mixed results for you. There will be some or other problem to deal with throughout the year. There will be financial ups and downs, which will affect you deeply. Evaluate the current market trends before investing in the share market or in your business. Don’t waste money unnecessarily. Drop your idea of selling the ancestral property. The outcomes in studies will directly depend on the hard work and efforts.

Spend on your partner in accordance with your earnings, don’t stretch unnecessarily. Make promises that you can keep because your failure in fulfilling them will hurt your credibility. If you are an administrative officer then make your health and family members your first priority. Married couples will be blessed with a baby. You will have an average year on the social front. Maintain harmonious relations with everyone and work towards your goals.

Precaution: -There will be Sadhesati in Swarna-Pad till 24 January which will increase worries in life. From 24 January, the Sadhesati will begin in Rajat-Pad which will bring respect, wealth, prosperity, and business growth for you.

-Do financial planning and manage income and expenses at the starting of the year and also avoid unnecessary expenses.

-Keep a positive attitude and also follow a healthy diet.

-Stay away from adultery as much as you can.

-You may get desired results by increasing your efforts if you are appearing in a competitive examination this year.

-Settlement and adjustment will play a vital role in married and romantic life.

-You may have disputes in business partnership. Resolve all the partnership issues and misunderstandings with a face to face discussion with your partners.

Suggestion: -On Monday, wear a Gaurishankara Rudraksha while chanting the Mantra Om Gaurishankaraabhyaam Namah" after worshipping it with the help of the Panditji. This remedy brings pleasure and sweetness in relationships and also provides an attractive personality to the worshipper.

-Install a Siddha Prema-Vriddhi Yantra under the guidance of Panditji. It will help you to resolve the disputes and discord in the romantic life. Siddha the Yantra by chanting the following Mantra-

Kleem Kamadevaaya Namah

-Keep a crystal ball in the house to remove the negative energy and bring positive energy.

-Wear an onyx locket during the Mercury Hora while chanting the following Mantra-

Om Ram Raahave Namah.

-Donate these items with Sankalpa to an old Panditji in the night- Wheat, Onyx gems, blue Clothes, blankets, sesame seeds, oil, iron, asbestos and Dakshina.

-Chant the following Mantra for 108 times till 41 days to resolve the issues of married life.
Abhitwaamaanujaten Dadhyaami Mamam Vaasasaa।
Yatha So Mama Kevalo Naanyaasaa Keertiyaashvan॥

-दाम्पत्यजीवन की बाधाओं एवं कष्टों के निवारण हेतु निम्नलिखित मन्त्र का 108 बार 41 दिनों तक जप करें-
अभि त्वा मनुजातेन दधामि मम वाससा।
याथाऽसो मम केवलो नान्यासां कीर्तयाश्चन॥

Panditji of Drik Panchang wishes you a happy and prosperous day.

Rashi Lord
बृहस्पति | Jupiter
Rashi Letters
भ, ध, फ, ढ | Bha, Dha, Pha, Dha
Nakshatra Charana Letters
ये, यो, भा, भी, भू, धा, फा, ढ, भे
Ye, Yo, Bhaa, Bhee, Bhoo, Dhaa, Phaa, Dha, Bhe
Adorable God
श्री विष्णु नारायण
Shri Vishnu Narayan
Favourable Color
पीला | Yellow
Favourable Number
9, 12
Favourable Direction
पूर्व | East
Rashi Metal
कांस्य | Bronze
Rashi Stone
पुखराज | Yellow Sapphire
Rashi Favourable Stone
पुखराज तथा माणिक्य
Yellow Sapphire and Ruby
Rashi Favourable Weekdays
बृहस्पतिवार तथा रविवार
Thursday and Sunday
Rashi Temperament
द्विस्वभाव | Dual nature
Rashi Element
अग्नि | Fire
Rashi Nature
पित्त | Bile

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