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DeepakMakara Saptahik Rashifal | Capricorn Weekly PredictionDeepak

Makara Rashi

Makara | Capricorn

Sunday 22 March - Saturday 28 March, 2020

Makara Rashifal | Capricorn Horoscope

Makara Rashi

…know what Panditji predicts for the week.

Health: You are advised to take protective measures to maintain your health. Be cautious in conditions like bile disorders, fever, nose and throat related problems. Avoid taking stress. Don’t let your morale to go down. Take a healthy and balanced diet.

Business: You will have to turn all your focus towards your business this week. Maintain proper coordination with superiors and senior associates. Keep your mind steady. Don’t make any decision in haste; always make a well-thought-out decision.

Career: Current time is not very favourable for students. There will be distraction, dejection, hopelessness in mind. Getting success in competitive examinations will not be easy. Ideological instability and a lack of interest in studies will also be a matter of concern.

Family: You will establish a strong position at the social level. But, someone will try hard to denigrate your name within your family. There will be discord in your family also. You will have disputes with your in-laws, parents and siblings. The ideological difference will escalate to the point of bitterness.

Romance: Married couples may have disputes over an important matter. Try to sort out the matter amicably. Romantic couples are also advised to remain careful, even the most inconsequential matters will cause stress in your relationship. Your silence in such situations will help you avoid many tensions in life.

Summary: Outcomes of arguments will come in your favour. If you want to buy a vehicle then, be ready because strong prospects are emerging on this front. Your family will plan about an auspicious event and there will be an environment of fun and laughter. Luck will also favour you in matters of love and romance.

Remedies: To get rid of troubles – Light a Diya and chant the following Mantra 108 times in front of your family deity (Kuldevi) -

Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundayai Vicche।

ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चै।

Panditji of Drik Panchang wishes you a happy and prosperous day.

Rashi Lord
शनि | Saturn
Rashi Letters
ख, ज | Kha, Ja
Nakshatra Charana Letters
भो, जा, जी, खी, खू, खे, खो, गा, गी
Bho, Jaa, Jee, Khee, Khoo, Gaa, Gee
Adorable God
शिव जी
Shiv Ji
Favourable Color
आसमानी | Cyan
Favourable Number
10, 11
Favourable Direction
दक्षिण | South
Rashi Metal
चाँदी, लोहा | Silver, Iron
Rashi Stone
नीलम | Blue Sapphire
Rashi Favourable Stone
नीलम, पन्ना तथा हीरा
Blue Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond
Rashi Favourable Weekdays
शनिवार, बुधवार तथा शुक्रवार
Saturday, Wednesday and Friday
Rashi Temperament
चर | Movable
Rashi Element
पृथ्वी | Earth
Rashi Nature
वायु | Air

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