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2014 दीवाली पर द्यूत क्रीड़ा | जुआ का दिन और समय


2014 दीवाली पर द्यूत क्रीड़ा

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दीवाली पूजा मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि, आरती, चालीसा आदि के लिए शुभ दीवाली ऐप इनस्टॉल करें
एशबर्न, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका
दीवाली पर द्यूत क्रीड़ा
अक्टूबर 2014
Friday / शुक्रवार
भगवान शिव और देवी पार्वती चौपर खेलते हुए
Dyuta Krida

द्यूत क्रीड़ा मुहूर्त

द्यूत क्रीड़ा शुक्रवार, अक्टूबर 24, 2014 को
द्यूत क्रीड़ा का शुभ मुहूर्त - 07:29 ए एम से 09:39 ए एम
अवधि - 02 घण्टे 10 मिनट्स
गोवर्धन पूजा शुक्रवार, अक्टूबर 24, 2014 को
प्रतिपदा तिथि प्रारम्भ - अक्टूबर 23, 2014 को 05:56 पी एम बजे
प्रतिपदा तिथि समाप्त - अक्टूबर 24, 2014 को 06:17 पी एम बजे

टिप्पणी: सभी समय १२-घण्टा प्रारूप में एशबर्न, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका के स्थानीय समय और डी.एस.टी समायोजित (यदि मान्य है) के साथ दर्शाये गए हैं।
आधी रात के बाद के समय जो आगामि दिन के समय को दर्शाते हैं, आगामि दिन से प्रत्यय कर दर्शाये गए हैं। पञ्चाङ्ग में दिन सूर्योदय से शुरू होता है और पूर्व दिन सूर्योदय के साथ ही समाप्त हो जाता है।

2014 दीवाली द्यूत क्रीड़ा

The act of gambling is known in Hinduism since Vedic period. However, it was known as game of Dyuta and called Dyuta-Krida (द्यूत-क्रीडा). The board on which it is played is known as Chaupar and dice are known as Pasha (पाश). In modern India, the game of dice is known as Jua (जुआ) and it is taboo to play Jua in many families. Most states in India have banned all sorts of gambling activities. However, many families play it during Diwali for religious reasons.

It is believed that the game of dice was invented by Lord Shiva itself and it was played between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati the very first time. It was stated by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvati, "O Devi! I have created the game of dice for those who want to play it for time pass, for those who want to amass sudden wealth and to destroy the wealth of someone".

As per Hindu religious books, it was the day of Kartik Pratipada when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati played the game of dice the very first time. It is believed that the day of Kartik Pratipada, which is also known as Bali Pratipada and Govardhan Puja, is blessed by Goddess Parvati herself. Hence whoever plays Dyuta Krida on this day is blessed by Goddess Parvati.

Dyuta Krida is a must ritual on the day of Kartik Pratipada which is also the first day of Hindu Samvat year and known as Gujarati New Year. The best time to play Dyuta is early morning during Pratahkal. As per religious books, wearing new clothes after Abhyang Snan on the first day of Kartik month should be followed by Dyuta Krida and taking Mangal Aarti from female members of the family.

Many people play Dyuta on Diwali night which has no religious significance. None of the religious books mention gambling on Diwali night. However, most of them unanimously suggest playing Dyuta on the day of Kartik Pratipada. Also most of the people believe that Diwali day is an auspicious day for gambling and whoever gambles on this day wins. We all know that it cannot be correct as someone has to lose for someone to win in the game of dice. The reason, why religious books suggest playing Dyuta, is not that it is an auspicious day to win but it is the day to forecast for the coming year. If someone wins in the game of Dyuta on Kartik Pratipada then the whole year would be good for that person and if someone loses then it is omen of bad luck in coming year.

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