Skipped Lunar Month in Hindu Calendar

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Kashya Lunar Month
Q.3. Please tell me more about mysterious Kashya month in Hindu Calendar. When it happened last and when it will occur next?
Kashya month or skipped month is a rare phenomenon in Hindu calendar when complete lunar month is skipped.

According to calculations next Kashya month would occur in 2123 -2124 C.E. (none of us who is reading it would be alive to watch it) when Paush would be skipped.

Until 2123-2124 C.E. there would not be any Kashya month in Hindu calendar.

Last time when there was Kashya month in Hindu calendar was 1982-1983 C.E. when Magh was skipped.

In 2283-2284 C.E. our calculations predict another Kashya month when Magh would be skipped.
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