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Install Drik Panchang
Q.5. How to download and install Drik Panchang from to mobile phone?
There are couples of ways to download and install Drik Panchang on your mobile phone.

1. Directly on Mobile (without PC or laptop)

Open the web browser on your mobile phone and go to and click download button after choosing your device and follow the instructions on your phone and you're done.

2. Download on PC or laptop

If you have downloaded the Drik Panchang on your PC or laptop then there are two ways to install it on your mobile phone. One is through the Nokia PC suite and the other is through data cable transfer. Here are the instructions

Using Nokia PC Suite
  • Connect your phone to your PC or laptop and turn on the Nokia PC Suite or wait for the application to start.
  • Click on the "Install Applications".
  • When a window appears, browse to where you have saved the downloaded Drik Panchang using the left part of the window.
  • Select the downloaded Drik Panchang and then press the arrow in the middle of the window.
  • Follow the instructions on your phone screen and you're done.
Data cable transfer

Connect your mobile phone via USB cable and select "data transfer" on the mode menu. When you connect your mobile phone, it shows up as a removable disk on your PC or laptop. You can transfer the Drik Panchang from PC or laptop to your phone's storage card. You can remove the data cable and install the Drik Panchang by using the file manager (in build application on mobile phone under office folder) and selecting the Drik Panchang to install.

3. Through Bluetooth

If your friend has Drik Panchang on his or her mobile phone, you can ask your friend to transfer/send it on your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The Drik Panchang will appear on your messages and to install it, simply click on the transferred file on your messages and follow the instructions on your phone and you're done.


Please check following settings on your mobile phone if you get installation error. Please make sure that 'software installation' is set to either 'on' or 'all' and 'online certificate check' is set to 'off'.

Software installation = ON or ALL
Online certificate check = OFF

Depending on your mobile phone you can find above settings under

Menu > Tools > App. Mgr. > Options > Settings
Menu > Ctrl. Panel > App. Mgr.> Options > Settings
Menu > Application Manager > Options > Settings
Menu > Settings
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