Buy License and Activate Drik Panchang for Mobile Phone

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Q.6. Why should I buy Panchang license? How to buy and activate Panchang once it is installed on mobile phone?
Why buy license?

1000 years Panchang app should be unlocked to access all features e.g. 7 days free trial doesn't list festivals. After activation you can access all Hindu festivals for 1000 years and you don't need Internet access to use Panchang. Activation would be valid forever and Panchang can be activated again if you reinstall phone software.

Further, mobile app comes with reminder support. You can easily convert any Gregorian date, including birthday and anniversary, to Hindu date and set the alarm. Once current birthday or anniversary expires it is automatically reset for next year.

After activation you can visualize and enjoy Panchang art work as all festivals are listed with beautiful images of Hindu gods and goddesses along with images of Indian culture and traditions.

How to buy and activate?

Once you make payment of Rs.99 we update our server with your device information. Please note that at this time we accept payment only through debit cards and net banking. We also accept payment through PayPal for international customers.

Usually we update our server in few hours but in some cases it might take up to 24 hours. Once it is done we send you confirmation e-mail. After receiving confirmation e-mail you can activate Panchang anytime. You don't need to download anything after making online payment. You can activate same 7 days trail app even if trail period is over.

Panchang app automatically prompts you for online activation. However, you can go to 'Options > Activate Panchang' to activate it any time. Activation is done online without any user input. We don't provide any key for Panchang activation. Hence you should have Internet connectivity on your mobile phone only at time of activation.

Don't have debit card/net banking for online payment?

Please check other payment options at What payment options are available for Panchang activation?
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