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DeepakChaitra Month Festivals in Hindu CalendarDeepak

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Chaitra Festivals

Chaitra is the 1st lunar month in Hindu calendar.

In Hindu Calendar, there are two methods to mark the lunar month. In one, lunar month is marked from Purnima to Purnima (known as Purnimanta calendar) and in other lunar month is marked from Amavasya to Amavasya (known as Amanta calendar).

List of Chaitra Festivals

List of Chaitra Festivals

  1. Sheetala Ashtami - Sheetala Ashtami day, which is also known as Basoda Puja, is dedicated to Goddess Sheetala.
  2. Papmochani Ekadashi - Papmochani Ekadashi is one of the twenty four Ekadashi vrats which are observed to seek blessing of Lord Vishnu.
  3. Ranga Panchami - At some places in India Holi is played on Ranga Panchami. Ranga Panchami usually falls after five days of Holi festivity in rest of the India.
  4. Navratri Ghatasthapana - Ghatasthapana is one of the significant rituals during Chaitra Navratri. It marks the beginning of nine days festivity.
  5. Ugadi - Ugadi marks the beginning of the New Year according to the lunisolar calendar. This festival is also known as Yugadi.
  6. Gudi Padwa - Gudi Padwa or Samvatsar Padvo is celebrated as the first day of the year by Maharashtrians and Konkanis.
  7. Gangaur - The consort of Lord Shiva, Gauri is worshipped during Gangaur festival. Both married and unmarried women worship Goddess Gauri on this day.
  8. Yamuna Chhath - Yamuna Chhath is celebrated as birth anniversary of Goddess Yamuna.
  9. Rama Navami - On Rama Navami day Hindus celebrate the birth of Lord Rama. On this day Lord Rama was born to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya of Ayodhya.
  10. Kamada Ekadashi - Ekadashi is one of the twenty four Ekadashi vrats which are observed to seek blessing of Lord Vishnu.
  11. Hanuman Jayanti - Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Hanuman, the Vanara god, widely venerated throughout India.
  12. Chaitra Purnima - Chaitra Purnima is the first Purnima in the year according to Hindu lunar calendar and it comes after Yugadi and Gudi Padwa.
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