Rakhi during Chandra Grahan | Raksha Bandhan during Lunar Eclipse

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Rakhi during Sutak
Rakhi Lunar Eclipse
Chandra Grahan on Rakhi
As per Hindu religious books, including Dharma Sindhu and Nirnaya Sindhu, for Raksha Bandhan ceremony Sutak is not considered. In other words, Muhurta to tie Rakhi is not changed due to Chandra Grahan.

As per Dharma Sindhu, for Raksha Bandhan ceremony only Bhadra time is prohibited. Sutak timings applicable for Sankranti and Lunar Eclipse are not applicable to Raksha Bandhan ceremony.

As per Nirnay Sindhu, Raksha Bandhan ceremony can be performed during Sutak excluding the time when Rahu is visible. In other words, Raksha Bandhan should be avoided only when Chandra Grahan is visible and it can be done any time before Rahu Darshan during Sutak.

Many astrologers, probably due to their ignorance, suggest avoiding Sutak to perform thread ceremony during Raksha Bandhan. It is true that many activities are prohibited during Sutak but there are few exceptions and thread ceremony is one of them.

Please check thread ceremony timings for your city.
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