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Hanging Earring
Hanging Earring
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Hanging Earring

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The art of Kangra Paintings was flourished in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The golden period of Kangra paintings was 18th and 19th century between 1750-1850 C.E. Kangra Paintings are categorized under Indian miniature paintings. These paintings are called miniature because those were done on small size papers. Such paintings were done on an average 25x30 cm size paper.

The Gita Govinda (गीत गोविन्द) is 12th century work of poet Jayadeva. It describes the relationship between Krishna and Radha in great detail. The love poems of Gita Govinda are the most popular theme of Kangra paintings. Most Kangra paintings of Radha and Krishna are based on narration of intimate love scenes between Radha and Krishna from Gita Govinda.

This painting is recreation of one the famous Kangra painting which shows Krishna hanging jeweled ear-rings on ears of his beloved Radha.

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