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Enchanting Radha
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Enchanting Radha

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This work is recreation of one of the old commercial paintings which webmaster of this website had seen in his childhood. The old painting was available on paper and was published commercially around Braj region. The original painting must have been published commercially about forty to fifty years before. Unfortunately the old painting was lost years back.

This painting is recreation based on memories and the final work is quite different from the original one. The recreation work has been adapted according to miniature style.

This painting shows Krishna enchanting Radha by playing his flute. Krishna is sitting inside a tree and almost hidden behind leaves. Radha, who has come to Panghat, is almost enchanted by divine music of the flute. Radha has dropped pitchers at the bank of the river and has lost in divine music of Krishna's flute.

If you think that you have the original which we are talking about then please contact us at info[at] We would love to show original work and recreated work together on the same page.

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