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DeepakNavdurga Aarti Collection in Hindi and EnglishDeepak

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Aartis are sung to glorify the deity. We have collected the Aartis associated to each Goddess worshipped during Navratri.

Collection of Navdurga Aartis

Goddess Shailputri
Goddess Shailputri Aarti

Shailputri Maa Bail Asavar
शैलपुत्री माँ बैल असवार

Goddess Brahmacharini
Goddess Brahmacharini Aarti

Jai Ambe Brahmacharini Mata
जय अम्बे ब्रह्मचारिणी माता

Goddess Chandraghanta
Goddess Chandraghanta Aarti

Jai Maa Chandraghanta Sukha...
जय माँ चन्द्रघण्टा सुख धाम

Goddess Kushmanda
Goddess Kushmanda Aarti

Kushmanda Jai Jaga Sukhadani
कूष्माण्डा जय जग सुखदानी

Goddess Skandamata
Goddess Skandamata Aarti

Jai Teri Ho Skandamata
जय तेरी हो स्कन्दमाता

Goddess Katyayani
Goddess Katyayani Aarti

Jai Jai Ambe Jai Katyayani
जय जय अम्बे जय कात्यायनी

Goddess Kalaratri
Goddess Kalaratri Aarti

Kalaratri Jai Jai Mahakali
कालरात्रि जय जय महाकाली

Goddess Mahagauri
Goddess Mahagauri Aarti

Jai Mahagauri Jagat Ki Maya
जय महागौरी जगत की माया

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