2020 Attukal Pongala Date for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Attukal Pongala
Attukal Pongala
2020 Attukal Pongala
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2020 Attukal Pongala date and time for Ujjain, India

Attukal Pongala

March 2020
*actual date might be one day off
*temple festivals depend on the local calendar followed by temple authorities and sometimes on temple astrologers
Attukal Pongala
ladies preparing Pongal dish during Attukal Pongala

Attukal Pongala Timings

Pooram Nakshathram Begins = 04:09 on 9/Mar/2020
Pooram Nakshathram Ends = 01:08 on 10/Mar/2020
Note - 24-hour clock with local time of Ujjain & DST adjusted for all Muhurat timings (if applicable)
Attukal Pongala 2020

Attukal Pongala is a famous Malayalam festival celebrated annually at Attukal Bhagavathy Temple. It is a 10 days event commencing on the Karthigai star of the Malayalam month of Makaram or Kumbham and closing with the sacrificial offering known as Kuruthitharpanam at night. On the ninth day of the festival the world famous Attukal Pongala Mahotsavam takes place.
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