2019 Dhanu Sankranti Phalam for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

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2019 Dhanu Sankranti month prediction for Ujjain, India
Dhanu Sankranti Phalam for 2019
Sankranti Karana = Kaulava
Sankranti Weekday = Monday
Sankranti Date = 16/12/2019
Sankranti Moment = 15:43
Sankranti Ghati = 25 (Dinamana)
Sankranti Moonsign = Karka
Sankranti Nakshatra = Ashlesha (Daruna Sangyaka)
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Month Phalam

  • commodities cost would be expensive
  • brings excess suffering
  • good health for people, affinity among nations and increase of grain stocks
  • good for cruel, sinful, corrupted people and criminals
Sankranti Property Phalam Indication
Naam (Name) Dhvankshi
Karna Mukha (Facing) Pashchima (West)
Drishti (Sighting) Ishana (North-East)
Gamana (Going To) Uttara (North)
Vahana (Vehicle) Varaha (Boar)
Upa Vahana (Secondary Vehicle) Vrishabha (Bull)
Vrasta (Clothes) Neela (Blue)
Aayudha (Weapon) Khadga (Sword Variant)
Bhakshya Padartha (Food) Bhiksha (Begged Food)
Gandha Dravya (Poultice on Body) Surkha Chandan
Varna (Cast) Sarpa
Pushpa (Flower) Bakula
Vaya (Age) Gatalaka
Avastha (State/Condition) Rati (Love)
Karna Mukha (Facing) Pashchima (West)
Sthiti (Position) Khadi (Standing)
Bhojana Patra (Food Vessel) Tamra (Copper)
Aabhushana (Jewelry) Moti
Kanchuki (Top Cloth) Bhurja Patra (Palm Leaf)
Dhanu Sankranti Phalam for 2019

Sankranti is phenomenon when the Sun transits from one zodiac to another zodiac while traveling through zodiac belt. There are twelve Sankranti is a solar year.

Vedic astrology personifies Sankranti. As per Vedic astrology Sankranti is 60 Yojana (approximately 432 Km) wide and long. Sankranti has figure of a man with one face, long nose, wide lips and nine arms. It moves in forwards direction but keeps watching backwards. It keeps revolving while holding a coconut shell in one hand.

As per Hindu beliefs, the above personification seems inauspicious and hence Sankranti window is prohibited for all auspicious activities. However, the Sankranti duration is considered highly significant for charity, penance and Shradh rituals. People offer alms to needy, take bath in holy rivers and perform Shradh for ancestors during Sankranti.

Vedic astrology also lists characteristic of each Sankranti based on Panchang. These characteristics are omen of coming events in the month. Whatever items are influenced by Sankranti are believed to go through bad time. E.g. if Sankranti is adorning with gold then the coming month is not good for those who deal in gold commodity and so on.

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