Udaya Lagna with Pushkara Navamsa for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Udaya Lagna, Rising Sign Table for Ujjain, India

Udaya Lagna Table

Udaya Lagna Pravesh Table with Pushkaramsa
November 2018
Sunrise at 06:37
Lagna at Sunrise →
197° 36′ 36″
Lagna Lagna Begins Lagna Ends Pushkara Navamsa at
Tula 05:18:52 07:33:30 07:06:13
Vrischika 07:33:30 09:49:31 08:05:28
Dhanu 09:49:31 11:54:43 11:19:01
Makara 11:54:43 13:41:15 12:46:43
Kumbha 13:41:15 15:14:07 14:56:07
Meena 15:14:07 16:44:36 15:35:00
Mesha 16:44:36 18:24:39 17:52:59
Vrishabha 18:24:39 20:22:43 19:17:20
Mithuna 20:22:43 22:36:09 22:08:49
Karka 22:36:09 24:52:17+ 23:08:07
Simha 24:52:17+ 27:04:11+ 26:25:00+
Kanya 27:04:11+ 29:14:55+ 28:04:58+
Note - 24-hour clock with local time of Ujjain & DST adjusted for all Lagna timings (if applicable)
About Lagna Table
In Vedic Astrology Lagna, which is also known as Uday Lagna or Rising Sign, is given the utmost importance. In Western Astrology it is known as Ascendant. Lagna is the Zodiac Sign rising at the Eastern horizon. In a Hindu day, from Sunrise to Sunrise, all twelve zodiacs or Rashis rise on the Eastern horizon in a cycle.

The duration of Lagna i.e. the time one zodiac takes to cross the horizon is not same for any two locations and varies from place to place. Even for a single location duration of all Lagnas is not same.

Lagna plays a crucial role in Horoscope of a person. Apart from Horoscope, Lagna is considered while fixing any Muhurat. All Muhurat timings like Vivah Muhurat and Griha Pravesh Muhurat need Lagna Shuddhi in which a fortified Lagna is chosen.
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