ISKCON Ekadasi Calendar for Guaxupe, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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ISKCON Ekadasi Calendar for Guaxupe, Brazil

Daily Timings


Sunrise: 06:27:04
Sunset : 17:54:09
Moonrise : 12:29:07
Moonset : 01:03:06
Noon : 12:10:36
Naksatra: Anuradha (83.4%)
Yoga : Vaidhriti
Sunsign: Simha
Moonsign: Vrscika
Brahma Muhurta :
04:51:07 - 05:39:06
Arunodaya Tithi : Navami
Sunrise Sandhya :
06:03:05 - 06:51:03
Sunset Sandhya :
17:30:09 - 18:18:08
Noon Sandhya :
11:46:37 - 12:34:36
Lahiri Ayanamsa : 24.124076
Tithi : upto 18:45:08

Gregorian Date

August 2018

Gaurabda Date

Gaura Paksa
Sridhara Masa
(Sravana Masa)
532 Gaurabda

Ekadasi Fast

After 2 Days
fasting for Pavitropana Ekadasi
on 21/Aug/2018 (Tuesday)

Break Fast

Note - 24-hour clock with local time & DST adjusted for all Muhurat timings (if applicable)

* This Ekadasi Countdown Calendar is valid only for Vaisnava Sampradaya, followers of ISKCON and ISKCON temples across the world. Please check Smarta Ekadashi List for Smarta Sampradaya Ekadasi dates.

Following Ekadasi Calendar for ISKCON Guaxupe has been created independent of Gaurabda Calendar or GCal published by GBC Vaisnava Calendar Committee of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). However it follows same Ekadasi and Parana (time to break Ekadasi fasting) rules as those followed by GCal. Ideally both calendars should match and if you find any mismatch it might be due to software error in either of the software.
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