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Vat Savitri Vrat Katha | Legends of Vat Savitri


Vat Savitri Katha

Vat Savitri Vrat Katha

Sanatkumar requests, "O Lord Shiva! If there is a fast that grants noble women infinite good fortune, and the joy of sons and grandsons etc., then please describe it?"

Lord Shiva said, "There was a king named Ashwapati in the country known as Madra. Ashwapati was very pious, knowledgeable, brave and expert of Vedas. Despite being very powerful and having all kinds of luxuries, the king has no children. To have a child, the king along with his wife started doing penance and worshiping Goddess Savitri in various ways and used to give devotional offerings. Hey Sanatkumar! The goddess was pleased with the king's worship and graciously appeared to give him a boon. The king became blessed after seeing Goddess Savitri, revered in the entire universe, endowed with the radiance of Bhuh, Bhuvah and Swah and wearing Aksha Sutra and Kamandalu. The king prostrated himself before the Mother Goddess with a joyful heart. Seeing King Ashwapati lying on the ground like a wooden stick, Mother Goddess said, "O King! I am very delighted with your devotion, so please ask your desired boon?"

Hearing these words from the goddess's mouth, the king said with joy, "O Goddess! I am childless, I have no children, and I want the blessing of a good son. O Jagdamba Savitri! I have no other wish except a son. By your grace, all the rare things present on earth are available to me. Mother, I got all the happiness and good fortune only by your mercy. So please give me the boon of a son"

After listening to the prayer of the king this way, Goddess Savitri said to the king, "O King! You don't have a son, but you will have a daughter in the future. She will be the one who will save both herself and her husband's family. O Great King! My name and the name of that girl will also be the same."

O great sage! After granting the king the boon of having a child, the goddess disappeared from there. The king became happy. After a few days passed, the queen conceived and gave birth at appropriate time. Goddess Savitri was pleased with the chanting of Savitri Mantra and gave a boon. Hence the newborn girl was named Savitri. The eyes of that girl were like lotus petals and her face had the same radiance as that of a goddess. Just as the phases of the moon increase in the sky, similarly the brightness and radiance of that girl also increased. She was Brahma's Savitri, Goddess Lakshmi with huge eyes, the king was worried after seeing the aura of his daughter like Hemgarbha. There was no one as beautiful as his daughter Savitri, no one had the courage to ask for her in front of her divine radiance. All the kings were stunned after seeing her beauty and glory.

One day the king requested to his daughter, "O lotus eyed girl! It's suitable time for your marriage, but no one is asking you to marry you. Therefore, whoever virtuous groom you find and whose family and behavior you enjoy. You could marry him as per your consent." Saying this, he sent his daughter along with the old ministers and various types of clothes and ornaments.

The king was sitting only for a moment when Devarshi Narada arrived there. The king offered Arghya, washed his feet, and made Devarshi Narada take a seat. After doing the Puja, the king said to Devarshi Narada, "I have become pure after seeing you.You have purified me."

While King Devarshi was talking to Narada, lotus eyed Savitri and the same old ministers appeared there from the Ashrama. First, Savitri worshipped her revered father and then bowed to Devarshi.

After seeing Savitri, Devarshi Narada said, "O King! This beautiful girl with the splendour like the Devagarbha is eligible for marriage, so why are you not searching for a suitable groom for her marriage?" The king replied, "O sage! I had sent Savitri for this very same purpose. She has just returned. She has chosen her husband herself, please ask yourself." When Devarshi Narada asked the question, Savitri replied, "O great sage, Dyumtsen's son Satyavan is in the Ashrama. I have chosen him as my husband."

On hearing this from Savitri, Devarshi Narada said, "O King! Your daughter has done this very inappropriate thing. She chose Satyavan without knowing anything about him. Although he is very virtuous, he is popular. And his parents are also truthful, he is fond of horses, and he also carves pictures of horses. That's why his name is Chitrashwa. He is full of all the virtues. Just as the ocean is full of gems, he is also full of all the virtues. But his only fault diminishes all his qualities, that is, within a year his lifespan will be completed, and he will leave his body."

Hearing this from the mouth of Devarshi Narada, Ashvapati said, "O daughter Savitri! May you please marry with an other groom, O auspicious one! This is the favorable time for your marriage."

On this, Savitri said, "O father! I do not want anyone, even from my heart, the one whom I have chosen, will be my husband. First making decision from the mind and then thinking about good and bad, holds a person back in life. That is why I can't choose any other man even with my heart.

सकृज्जल्पन्ति राजनसकृज्जल्पन्ति पण्डिताः।
सकृत्कन्याः प्रदीयन्ते त्रीण्येतानि सकृत्सकृत्॥

Sakrijjalpanti Rajanasakrijjalpanti Panditah।
Sakritkanyah Pradiyante Trinyetani Sakritsakrit॥

That is, the order of King, the words of Pundits and Kanyadana are done only once. These three things of gentlemen happen only once.

After knowing this, my mind will not be disturbed in any way. Whatever may be good, bad, foolish, learned, long life or short life etc. My husband will always be truthful. Even if I get Indra, I will not choose anyone else. Therefore, say whatever you wish." Hearing this, Devarshi Narada said, "O King! Savitri has decided to marry Satyavan. Therefore, marry her soon and send her away with her husband." Saying this, Devarshi Narada disappeared from there.

Lord Shiva said that seeing Savitri's steadfast, stable mind and unwavering heart, the king and Savitri reached Dyumatsen, who was living in the forest, and various types of wealth and gifts. The king was accompanied by an old minister and some followers. Dyumatsena was old and blind and was sitting under a tree. Savitri and Ashwapati touched his feet, introduced themselves and stood nearby. Dyumatsen asked the king the reason for his visit and welcomed him with tubers, roots and fruits of the forest. After that, when Dyumatsena asked about the well-being of King Ashvapati, Ashvapati said, "I feel blessed just by seeing you. My daughter named Savitri loves your son. She herself has accepted your son as her husband. I have come here with the wish that Savitri accepts your innocent son as her husband, and we could establish a relationship"

Dyumatsena said, "O King! I am old and blind. My food is tubers, roots and fruits etc. I have lost my kingdom. My son also survives on forest resources only. How will your daughter bear the hardships of wildlife? How will she know the meaning of these sorrows? That's why I couldn't accept this marriage proposal."

Understanding the dilemma in Dyumatsena's mind, King Ashwapati said, "My daughter has chosen Satyavan only after knowing all these facts. O giver of honor! Undoubtedly, the company of your son will seem like heaven to my daughter." Hearing the words of Ashwapati, the Dyumatsena gave his consent for the marriage of Savitri and Satyavan. After the marriage, Ashwapati greeted Sage Dyumatsena in many ways and left for his capital.

After getting Satyavan as her husband, Savitri becomes filled with joy in the same way as Sachi becomes happy after getting Indra. Satyavan was also delighted and joyful after getting Savitri as his wife. The words spoken by Devarshi Narada were still resonating in Savitri's mind, which is why she resolved to observe Vat Savitri Vrat. She kept counting the days and was unable to enjoy marital life due to the worry of Satyavan's end coming near. Savitri remained absorbed in fasting day and night. After completing three nights, she offered prayers to the ancestral deities and worshiped the feet of her mother-in-law and father-in-law.

After that, Satyavan started moving towards the forest with a huge hard axe. Fearing some untoward incident, Savitri requested Satyavan, "Please don't go to the forest now, if you are willing to go, then allow me to come along with you. One year has passed since I lived in this Ashrama. I have not seen the forest till now, I also wish to visit the forest, O my Lord! Take me with you!"

Satyavan said, "O beloved! I am not free! Take permission from my parents and if they say so, then you must come with me to the forest." Hearing the words of Satyavan, Savitri bowed at the feet of her mother-in-law and father-in-law and said, "I want to visit the forest, please allow me, my heart is getting impatient to visit the forest with my husband."

Hearing this, Dyumatsen said, "O Kalyani! You have observed a fast, so perform Parana i.e. break it and then go to the forest." Savitri said, "I have completed this ritual and will take food after moonrise. At this time, my mind is yearning to visit the forest with my husband. Oh, father-in-law! I don't feel any kind of pain in the presence of my beloved husband."

Hearing this, Dyumatsena said, "Do whatever you feel is right with pleasure." Savitri worshiped the feet of her mother-in-law and father-in-law and left for the forest with Satyavan.

The time of her husband's death was near; hence Savitri was continuously looking at him. The entire forest was adorned with various types of beautiful flowers. Beautiful deer were running with the speed of wind. Savitri was walking into the forest looking at this beautiful scene, but she was also trembling with fear thinking about Satyavan's death. Working hard, Satyavan quickly started collecting wood fruits etc. Mahasati Savitri was sitting under the banyan tree. At the same time, while lifting the load of wood, Satyavan started having pain in his head and Satyavan started experiencing extreme pain. His body started trembling. He came near the banyan tree and said to Savitri, "My body is trembling, my head is aching, it seems as if thorns like prongs are piercing my head. Hey Suvrata! O dear one! I want to rest in your lap."

Savitri was aware of the time of Satyavan's death. She realized that Kala i.e. Death had come, so she sat down at the same place and Satyavan also started sleeping with his head in her lap. At that moment, a Krishna-Pingal, a person of black and brown complexion, appeared there. His body was glowing with intense light. The man said to Savitri- Leave him! Savitri asked, who are you to frighten the world? No one can scare me.

Hearing this, Yama, the fiercest of the worlds, said, "O Vararohe! Your husband's life has ended. I wish to take him away by tying him in my Noose." Hearing such words from Yamraj's mouth, Savitri said, "O Lord! I have heard that your messengers i.e. Yamdutas come to take the soul of living beings. But what is the reason for your presence?" Yama said, "Satyavan is a very pious and Therefore, he is not worthy of being taken away by my messengers." Saying this, Yamdeva took away the soul tied in the noose and proceeded towards the south. Satyavan became lifeless, glow less, and immoveable.

Vat Savitri
Yamaraj in front of Savitri and Satyavan

Distraught by the death of her husband, Savitri also followed Yama. Savitri had proved herself with her fasts and rules and was extremely devoted to her husband, hence it was easy for her to go after Yama. When Yama saw Savitri coming behind him, he said, "Go and perform his last ritualuals. You fulfilled your duty towards your husband, you went as far as it was possible." Savitri said, "Wherever my husband is taken or he himself goes, I should also stay there, this is Sanatan Dharma. Due to love for my husband, devotion to Guru, chanting penance and your grace, I can't stay anywhere. The seers and spiritual scholars have explained friendship on seven grounds, from the point of view of that friendship I say, listen carefully!

नानात्मवन्तस्तु वने चरन्ति धर्मं च वासं च परिश्रमं च।
विज्ञानतो धर्ममुदाहरन्ति तस्मात्सन्तो धर्ममाहुः प्रधानम्॥

Nanatmavantastu Vane Charanti Dharmam Cha Vasam Cha Parishramam Cha।
Vijnanato Dharmamudaharanti Tasmatsanto Dharmamahuh Pradhanam॥

That is, A greedy can't practice Dharma even after going into exile, neither can they be celibates nor can they be ascetics, intelligent wise people find happiness only in Dharma, that is why saints consider Dharma as the supreme one. We both have attained the same path through the same religion accepted by the sages. That is why I am not interested in living in Gurukula and Sannyasa, this Garhasthya Dharma has been called supreme by the sages."

Yama said, O Anindite! "Every word spoken by you is full of sarcasm. I am extremely happy, apart from the life of Satyavan, ask for whatever boon you want, I will definitely fulfill your wish."

Savitri said, "My father-in-law is in exile without his kingdom, he has become blind, may he regain eyes, and may he be as bright and powerful as the Sun." Yama said, "It will happen as you have said. I am watching the hard work of your journey; you leave for your Ashrama." Savitri said, "Wherever you take my husband, I will also go there, there will be no problem for me."

सतां सकृत्सङ्गतमिप्सितं परं ततः परं मित्रमिति प्रचक्षते।
न चाफलं सत्पुरुषेण सङ्गतं ततः सतां संनिवसेत्समागमे॥

Satam Sakritsangatamipsitam Param Tatah Param Mitramiti Prachakshate।
Na Chaphalam Satpurushena Sangatam Tatah Satam Sannivasetsamagame॥

That is, everyone desires the company of Saints, the company of Saints is never fruitless, hence one should always keep company of Saints.

Yama said, "Your statement is as per my wish, it increases the power of intellect and is very beneficial. O Bhamini! Ask for some other boon other than the life of Satyavan."

Savitri said, my second boon is that "My father in law should get back the kingdom snatched from him, and he should never give up his religious activities." Yama said, "In a short time your father-in-law will get his kingdom and will never turn away from his Dharma. Your wish has been fulfilled, now return home, why do you suffer in vain?"

Savitri said, I know that, "You have bound the people in the bondage of rules, that is why you are famous as Yama.

अद्रोहः सर्वभूतेषु कर्मणा मनसा गिरा।
अनागग्रहश्च दानं च सतां धर्मः सनातनः॥

Adrohah Sarvabhuteshu Karmana Manasa Gira।
Anagagrahashcha Danam Cha Satam Dharmah Sanatanah॥

Not having enmity with anyone through mind, speech and conscience, giving donations and giving up urges are the eternal Dharma of gentlemen. Similarly, this is the world, here powerful gentlemen show mercy even to their enemies."

Yama said, "Your words seem to me just like water to a thirsty person. Ask whatever you deem appropriate in addition to Satyavan's life." Savitri said, "My third boon is that my sonless father should be blessed with a hundred more clan-enhancing sons." Yama said, "May your father be blessed with a hundred sons with auspicious traits. Hey Bhamini! All your wishes have been fulfilled, now go back, you have come very far." Savitri said, "Nothing is too far for me in front of my husband, my mind reaches even very far near my husband.

I remembered something, listen to that too, you are the son of Aditya, that is why wise people call you Vaivaswat, you treat people equally, that is why they call you Dharamraja. The people trust gentlemen more than themselves, that is why gentlemen are loved by everyone."

Yama said, "I have never heard anything like what you have described. I am very pleased with your words. Ask for whatever you wish other than the life of Satyavan." Savitri said, "May I have Auras Putra i.e. sons born as per the Vedic guidelines from Satyavan, may we both have a family of a hundred strong and virile sons, this is my fourth boon." Yama said, "Tathastu! You and Satyavan will have a family of a hundred sons. Now go back, you have come a long way."

Savitri said, "The growth of good people always lies in Dharma, neither are good people sad nor distracted in it, the company of good people with good people is never in vain, they have no fear of any kind. Saints are controlling the sun through the Truth and supporting the earth with their penance. O Yama! Truth is the movement of past and future. A gentleman among gentlemen never gets unpleased. This is the behaviour of gentlemen; gentlemen do not expect any result while doing work for someone. The kindness of gentlemen never goes waste, nor does wealth and honour get destroyed in their company, that is why gentlemen are protectors."

Yama said, "My devotion towards you keeps on increasing after listening to the pleasant, religious and meaningful words spoken by you. Therefore, O Saccharitra, ask for more boons."

Savitri said, "I have asked for the boon of a son with Auras Putra i.e. marital happiness, nor have I wished to have a son in any other way. Therefore, please grant me this boon that my husband comes alive because without this I am also like a dead person. In the absence of my husband, you have given me the boon of a hundred more sons, hence how can your boon be fruitful. Will it happen? I ask for a boon that by doing this your words will come true."

Saying Tathastu, Yama freed Satyavan's life from the noose and said happily, "O Kulanandini! I have freed your husband. He will be healthy and adorn with varius Siddhies, you take him, he will live with you for four hundred years." Savitri came near the banyan tree and sat with Satyavan's head in her lap.

Lord Shiva said, Hey Brahman! Satyavan's consciousness returned and he said, "O dear one! I had a dream just now." After that he narrated the entire story to Savitri. Savitri also told Satyavan about her conversation with Yama.

Dyumatsena was waiting for his son's arrival, but as evening approached, he became restless and started running from here to there in all directions. Dyumatsena would go from one Ashrama to another in search of his son and ask everyone, where has my beloved son Chitrashwa, the stick of both of us blind, gone? And he started feeling sad and crying oh son! Where have you gone? At the same time, suddenly the king's eyes opened, and his vision returned. Seeing this miracle, the sages of the Ashrama said, "O King! As a result of your penance, you have regained your sight, hence this attainment of eyesight is a sign that your son will also be returning soon."

Lord Shiva said, while the Brahmins were discussing, at the same time Satyavan along with Savitri appeared there and greeted all the Brahmins and his parents. Brahmins present there asked to Savitri, "O blessed Savitri! Do you know the reason for the recovery of your old father-in-law's eyes?"

Savitri said, "O respected Sages! I don't know the real reason for regaining his eyesight, but my husband was absorbed in eternal sleep, hence there was a delay." Satyavan said, "O sages! All this has happened because of this fast of Savitri, I do not think of any other reason, hence this is the auspicious result of Savitri's penance. I myself have seen the greatness of Savitri's fast."

Lord Shiva said, while Satyavan was saying this, at that very moment the chief men of his capital came and informed that, "The evil minister who had taken away your kingdom by force, was also killed by his minister. That is why we O King! come before you and get your coronation done by the ministers and priests." The king accepted their request and reached his city along with those prominent men and was delighted to get his ancestral kingdom. Savitri & Satyavan also became blissful. Due to the glorification of this fast, Savitri gave birth to a hundred brave sons. As per the boon of Yamraj, Savitri's father also had a hundred very strong sons.

Lord Shiva said, Hey Brahman! We have told you the great importance of this Vat Savitri fast. Due to the effect of this fast, the husband becomes alive even after becoming dead. All women should observe this auspicious fast."

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