2017 Jivitputrika Vrat, Jitiya Vrat Timings for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Jivitputrika Vrat
2017 Jivitputrika Vrat
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2017 Jivitputrika Vrat and Puja Timings for Ujjain, India

Jivitputrika Vrat

September 2017
Jivitputrika Vrat Puja
Jivitputrika Vrat Puja

Jivitputrika Vrat Muhurat

Ashtami Tithi Begins = 01:01 on 13/Sep/2017
Ashtami Tithi Ends = 22:48 on 13/Sep/2017
Note - 24-hour clock with local time of Ujjain & DST adjusted for all Muhurat timings (if applicable)
2017 Jivitputrika Vrat

Jivitputrika Vrat is a significant fasting day in which mothers observe Nirjala fasting throughout the day and night for well-being of their children.

Jivitputrika Vrat is observed on Krishna Paksha Ashtami in the month of Ashwin as per Hindu lunar calendar. This fasting is mainly observed in Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Jitiya fasting is also popular in Nepal.
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