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Krishna Birth – 18th July 3228 BCE

Krishna Death – 18th February 3102 BCE (the start of Kali Yuga)

According to above time lines Lord Krishna lived for 126 years and 5 months. If we had Gregorian calendar at the time of Lord Krishna's birth it would had been 23rd June -3227 on Gregorian calendar.

DrikPanchang calculations for 23rd June -3227 and 24th June -3227 gives following Panchang data for Mathura location.

Panchang for 18th July 3228 BCEPanchang for 17th July 3228 BCE
Sunrise = 05:40:32Sunrise = 05:40:52
Sunset = 19:28:10Sunset = 19:28:30
Moonrise = 24:50:01+Moonrise = 25:18:05+
Moonset = 12:04:15Moonset = 12:56:13
Month = Shravana (Amanta)Month = Shravana (Amanta)
Tithi = Ashtami upto 16:16:22Tithi = Saptami upto 14:06:01
Paksha = Krishna PakshaPaksha = Krishna Paksha
Nakshatra = Rohini upto 13:23:01Nakshatra = Krittika upto 10:38:15
Yoga = Vajra - 28:04:07+Yoga = Harshana - 27:31:39+
Karna = Kaulava - 16s:16:22Karna = Bava - 14:06:01
Karna = Taitila - 29:12:14+Karna = Balava - 27:13:46+
Sunsign = SimhaSunsign = Simha
Moonsign = Vrishabha - 26:36:58+Moonsign = Vrishabha

Panchang data shows that on 18th July 3228 BCE during Nishita or Hindu midnight both Ashtami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra were prevailing.

It should be noted that team of DrikPanchang found 18th July 3228 BCE as birthdate of Lord Krishna from majority of sources from Internet and our team just ran DrikPanchang software to get Panchang data for this historical day.

We don't have any proof to corroborate 18th July 3228 BCE as birthday of Lord Krishna but we are sure that 18th July 3228 BCE was Krishna Janmashtami day.
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