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2014 Indian Seasons, Indian Ritus Date and Time for Ashburn, Virginia, United States

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Six Indian Ritus
2014 Indian Seasons, Ritus Date and Time for Ashburn, United States
Most countries observe 4 seasons in a year. However India observes 6 seasons in a year. The classification of seasons into six parts is quite ancient and even observed during Vedic period. Hindu Calendar and Panchangam are based on six seasons in a year.

Vasant Ritu Timings (Indian Spring)

Vasant Vasant Ritu Starts on 18/Feb/2014 12:58:42
Vasant Ritu Ends on 19/Apr/2014 23:55:00

Tropical Zodiac = Mina (Pisces) & Mesha (Aries)
*Vernal Equinox occurs at the middle of Vasant Ritu

Grishma Ritu Timings (Indian Summer)

Grishma Grishma Ritu Starts on 19/Apr/2014 23:55:00
Grishma Ritu Ends on 21/Jun/2014 06:51:03

Tropical Zodiac = Vrishabha (Taurus) & Mithuna (Gemini)
*Grishma Ritu ends with Summer Solstice

Varsha Ritu Timings (Indian Monsoon)

Varsha Varsha Ritu Starts on 21/Jun/2014 06:51:03
Varsha Ritu Ends on 23/Aug/2014 00:45:42

Tropical Zodiac = Karka (Cancer) & Simha (Leo)
*Varsha Ritu starts with Summer Solstice

Sharad Ritu Timings (Indian Autumn)

Sharad Sharad Ritu Starts on 23/Aug/2014 00:45:42
Sharad Ritu Ends on 23/Oct/2014 07:56:42

Tropical Zodiac = Kanya (Virgo) & Tula (Libra)
*Autumnal Equinox occurs at the middle of Sharad Ritu

Hemant Ritu Timings (Indian Prewinter)

Hemant Hemant Ritu Starts on 23/Oct/2014 07:56:42
Hemant Ritu Ends on 21/Dec/2014 18:02:28

Tropical Zodiac = Vrischika (Scorpio) & Dhanu (Sagittarius)
*Hemant Ritu ends with Winter Solstice

Shishir Ritu Timings (Indian Winter)

Shishir Shishir Ritu Starts on 21/Dec/2014 18:02:28
Shishir Ritu Ends on 18/Feb/2015 18:49:20

Tropical Zodiac = Makara (Capricorn) & Kumbha (Aquarius)
*Shishir Ritu starts with Winter Solstice

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