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2015 Ganesh Chaturthi date and puja time for Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States

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Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi
2015 Ganesh Chaturthi
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2015 Ganesh Chaturthi Date and Puja Timings for Woodbridge, United States

Ganesh Chaturthi

September 2015
Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Time

Madhyahana Ganesha Puja Time = 11:38 to 14:05
Duration = 2 Hours 27 Mins
On 16th, Time to Avoid Moon Sighting = 10:31 to 20:51
Duration = 10 Hours 20 Mins
On 17th, Time to Avoid Moon Sighting = 10:34 to 21:25
Duration = 10 Hours 51 Mins
Chaturthi Tithi Begins = 10:31 on 16/Sep/2015
Chaturthi Tithi Ends = 12:50 on 17/Sep/2015
Note - 24-hour clock with local time of Woodbridge & DST adjusted for all Muhurat timings (if applicable)
2015 Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh. On Ganesh Chaturthi, Lord Ganesh is worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. It is believed that Lord Ganesh was born during Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. Currently Ganesh Chaturthi day falls in month of August or September in English calendar.

The Ganeshotsav, the festivity of Ganesh Chaturthi, ends after 10 days on Anant Chaturdashi which is also known as Ganesh Visarjan day. On Anant Chaturdashi, devotees immerse idol of Lord Ganesh in water body after a gala street procession.

Ganesh Puja is preferred during Madhyahana as it is believed that Lord Ganesh was born during Madhyahana Kaal. Madhyahana Kaal is equivalent to midday according to Hindu division of the day.

It is believed that one should not sight the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi. Sighting the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi creates Mithya Dosham or Mithya Kalank (कलंक) which means false accusation of stealing something. Depending on start and end time of Chaturthi Tithi, sighting of the moon might be prohibited for two consecutive days. According to DrikPanchang.com rules, Moon should not be sighted while Chaturthi Tithi is prevailing. Further, Moon risen during Chaturthi should not be sighted even if Chaturthi Tithi gets over before moonset.

Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi and Ganesh Chauth.

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