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Nov 08, 2022 Lunar Eclipse effects on Rashi | Chandra Grahan Rashi Analysis


Effect of Lunar Eclipse

Nov 08, 2022 Lunar Eclipse effect on RashiLunar Eclipse

MeshaMesha । Aries

Do not disrespect the words of your elders. There may be a loss of confidence. Mental stress may increase. You will take interest in spirituality. Be careful while driving for the next three months. Since the eclipse is happening on your own zodiac, so you need to take special care of your health. There may be error in making emotional judgments. There is a possibility of unnecessary disputes arising with the life partner.

Remedies: Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati regularly.

VrishabhaVrishabha । Taurus

Your responsibilities will increase in the workplace. You might get your outstanding money back from borrowers. You might have nightmares. Your expenses may increase due to ostentatious lifestyle. Due to turmoil in the mind, you may feel depression. There is a possibility of stomach disorders. You might take a pledge to take initiation from a qualified spiritual Guru. Soon the obstacles coming in foreign travel will be removed.

Remedies: Avoid eating or drinking anything during the eclipse. It would be beneficial to feed sweet rice to crows.

MithunaMithuna । Gemini

This eclipse falling in the eleventh house from your zodiac will keep your financial condition strong. There are chances of getting new investment in the business. Your reputation will improve in front of higher officials. There may be concern about the marriage of a marriageable children. Disputes might be settled. There may be pain in the ear. You may have doubts on friends because of some incident.

Remedies: Chanting of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra will keep you free from troubles.

KarkaKarka । Cancer

Your accountability in the job is going to increase. People may be active against you in the workplace. Students will get success in higher education. You might get some big projects. Boss will try to dominate you. The health of your father will have to be taken care of. Avoid traveling abroad. Make good use of time. If you are planning to buy land or a new house, then you should invest carefully.

Remedies: Donating sweets after eclipse will reduce inauspicious results.

SimhaSimha । Leo

Lunar eclipse is taking place from your zodiac sign in the ninth Bhava i.e. luck house, which might increase your father’s health problems. Work patiently. Government-related work may get hindered. The chances of getting success in technical education are strong. Matters related to fixed assets might get complicated. You will take special interest in religious practices or some special rituals. You may get opportunities to change your job.

Remedies: Chanting Guru Mantra excessively will be beneficial. Apply yellow sandalwood to Lord Shiva regularly.

KanyaKanya । Virgo

High-powered people will have to face tribulation. Suddenly there may be some sad news. Do not deviate from charity and righteousness. People associated with the medical field might get new achievements. Long distance journeys should be avoided. Health related problems may increase. Your mind may be surrounded by tensions and apprehensions. Avoid lending your savings.

Remedies: Recite the twelve names of Lord Ganesha regularly. After the eclipse, bathing with Ganges water will be beneficial.

TulaTula । Libra

The effect of lunar eclipse is going to be mixed. If your life partner has health-related problems, do not neglect it. But there might be a mistake in investing money. You will get success in resolving disputes. Business partners may get angry. Keep a complete distance from illicit sexual relationships. You may be insulted because of arrogance.

Remedies: Donate food items and clothes after the eclipse is over.

VrishchikaVrishchika । Scorpio

The lunar eclipse will affect the sixth house from your zodiac. This eclipse might give you great opportunities in your career. New sources of income might be created. You should be careful in court-related matters. Your health will remain good. You will get relief from diseases. For the next three weeks, you should beware of your hidden enemies.

Remedies: Chant ‘Om Soma Somaya Namah’ the Mool mantra of Chandrama.

DhanuDhanu । Sagittarius

There will be wide fluctuations in the stock market and financial matters. Pregnant women should keep a distance from knives, needles and sharp objects during the eclipse period. Abdominal disorders may increase. There is a possibility of lack of communication and misunderstanding in love relationships. Lunar eclipse might increase the worries related to children. Old issues might get messed up again. There may be complaints of burning in the stomach and acidity.

Remedies: Recite Sundarkand on every Tuesday and Saturday for the next three months.

MakaraMakara । Capricorn

Heart patients should be especially cautious for the next three-months. There will be a possibility of loss of money. There will be desire and aspiration for a higher position. Don’t escalate unnecessary matters. The planned work will not be completed on time. There may be disputes and discord in the family. Respect the words of the elders of the house. Mother’s health might cause trouble.

Remedies: Offering Jalabhishek to Lord Shiva will give some relief.

KumbhaKumbha । Aquarius

There are chances of getting a promotion in the workplace. Necessary work will be completed with the help of friends. You will get positive results of hard work. There is a possibility of impressive progress in the work related to IT. You might plan essential tasks. This is the time to recognize new opportunities. Time is suitable for new business agreements. The stalled work might be resumed with the effect of this eclipse. Those who do spiritual practice might get accomplishment.

Remedies: Make sure to recite Hanuman Chalisa every morning and evening.

MeenaMeena । Pisces

Life partner may have health problems. Risky investments will prove beneficial. Your financial condition may deteriorate due to unnecessary expenses. You may have some problems in your teeth and eyes. You will be dissatisfied with the behaviour of your family members. The tendency to earn money through the wrong means will be harmful. You should avoid taking someone’s guarantee.

Remedies: Chant the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’ whenever possible during the eclipse period.

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