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Shraddha Categories | List of various Shraddha


Various Shraddha Types

Difference among various Shraddha types

There are various types of Shraddha. Shraddha has five main categories. The first 3 categories are described in Matsya Purana. However Yama Smriti mentions about 5 categories of Shraddha which are listed below.

  1. Nitya (नित्य) - Shraddha which is done daily is known as Nitya Shraddha. Vishwadeva are not installed during Nitya Shraddha. In necessity or emergency Nitya Shraddha can be performed with water only.
  2. Naimittika (नैमित्तिक) -It is also known as Ekodishta (एकोदिष्ट) because it is done for one person only. When the person dies then Ekodishta Shraddha is performed. Every year on Hindu death anniversary Ekodishta Shraddha is performed. In Hindi Naimittia means special. Naimittika Shraddha is also known as Varshika Shraddha. Vishwadeva are not installed during Naimittika Shraddha. On Bhishma Ashtami people perform Ekodishta Shraddha for Pitamah Bhishma.
  3. Kamya (काम्य) - It is done to fulfil special wishes. It is done during Rohini or Krittika Nakshatra.
  4. Vriddhi (वृद्धि) - During special occasions like marriage or on birth of boy Vriddhi Shraddha is done to get blessings of the ancestors. Vriddhi Shraddha is also known as Nandi Shraddha.
  5. Parvana (पार्वण) - Shraddha which are done during special occasions like Pitru Paksha (i.e. during Mahalaya Paksha) and Bhadrapada Purnima are known as Parvana Shraddha. Vishwadeva are installed during Parvana Shraddha.
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