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DeepakDisclaimer on Commodity and Share Market TrendDeepak

Risk Disclaimer


The information provided on our website about financial trading predictions, share market, commodity market and market trends / bullish or bearish have been solely based on the analysis conducted on the basis of the planetary positions and astrological interpretations.

If the astrological predictions correspond with the current market trends, then chances of the profit will be high, but if the predictions suggest an upward trend/bullish for the market while the current market scenario tends to be moving downward/bearish or vice versa, then in such situation, traders' discretion is advised in the sense that traders employ their prior experience and technical knowledge to make the best decision for them to avoid the losses.

The information provided here is meant to ensure a better profit to the traders; however, if a trader incurs losses in his or her capacity, our website Drik Panchang Private Limited, the company's astrologer or the team of the Drik Panchang could not, in any sense, be held responsible for the losses.

The trader will hold the sole responsibility of the profits or the losses he or she will incur by consulting with the astrological predictions provided on our website.

Your knowledge and experience in the trading and dealings in the financial market will be the prominent factor for the profit or loss you will incur while engaging in the business of trading.

The traders are, therefore, advised to take into account some factors that largely affect the market sentiments before making any business-related decision. Apart from considering one's birth chart before taking the plunge in the trading, keep an open eye on the factors such as foreign market, current economic and political circumstances in the country, meteorological condition, possible natural or man-made calamities, experience and knowledge in the trading, current market trends and the planetary movements in your birth chart at the time of conducting the business.

Consider these important points before investing

  1. Carefully assess your risk-taking capabilities, do not stretch the investment beyond your actual financial condition.
  2. Take frequent advice from a professional financial advisor to develop an understanding of market trends thus investing in the best scenario possible.
  3. Do not stake everything on account of the supposed infallible chances, always make prudent decisions.
  4. Develop a comprehensive understanding of market trends and invest when the market sentiments are constant or least fluctuating.
  5. Invest in the commodities with lower production and refrain from stocking the commodities in large quantities with high production.
  6. Always keep yourself updated with the latest market trends and make the business-related decisions accordingly.
  7. Before making business-related decisions, make a prudent assessment based on the factors such as the supply and demand, production and consumption, export and import of the commodities along with the current political and climatic conditions of your country and your knowledge and resourcefulness to sustain in such a highly dynamic market. Also, always stay informed on the latest happenings and news regarding the financial market. The economy of the country predominantly affects the market condition and thus has a direct effect on the decisions of the investors.
  8. The financial market is a highly dynamic market and gets heavily influenced by the happenings in the countries which have direct business and political ties with your native country.
  9. Before investing in perishable items like vegetables and fruits; and grains take the local climatic and general conditions, the supply and demand ratio and market trends in the domestic market into the consideration.
  10. The information provided here about the market trends and the share-commodity market is predominantly based on the planetary movements and astrological predictions, thus our website will not be held responsible on the results based on these predictions. "In any possible scenario, litigation against the company will not be entertained".

"The Drik Panchang team hopes to serve as the best astrological consultant in your business and trading endeavours and wish best for your prosperity and growth".

The astrological predictions for the financial and commodity market are provided solely on the basis of planetary movements and do not hold any prejudice against any company or individual. The share and financial market largely depend on the factors such as market trends, global and domestic political situations and the policies of the central and state government. Before investing in these markets, one must have a comprehensive understanding of the market. Our website will not be responsible for the profit or the loss made by a trader after using the astrological resources provided on our website.

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