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Deepak2018 Father's Day | Pitra Diwas Deepak

2018 Father's Day
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Father's Day

June 2018
Sunday / रविवार
Nanda Baba With Krishna & Balarama
Nanda Baba With Krishna & Balarama

What should you do?

  • Spend quality time together
  • Purchase a gift for him

When we see Father's day in Hindu context, Nanda Baba is the most vivid figure which comes to the mind. Nanda Baba who was the foster father of Lord Krishna, is known to provide love, care and affection to Lord Krishna and Balarama along with his wife Yashoda.

2018 Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day celebration is observed to honour fathers, father-like figures and paternal bonds around the world. The day is in accordance with Mother’s Day and is observed in similar fashion. Children and individuals showcase their love and affection to their fathers and present them with gifts and cards.

Ways to celebrate Father’s Day

The most common ways of celebrating Father’s Day is giving cards and men-oriented gift items like sports gear or fitness kit, video games, electronic gadgets, mobile phones, smart watches, grooming kits. Giving coffee mugs or t-shirt with personalized message, necktie, wallet, sunglasses, and books are also common gifts given on the occasions like Father’s Day. Children also call and message their father on the day and take them to dinner or some trip to share some quality time together.

Father’s Day in present era

The world is living in digital age, thus mobile phones, computers, internet and social media have profound effect on the way we celebrate our festivals and special days. Social media platforms and messaging apps are widely used to exchange and send messages on the Father’s Day also. Children update beautiful status messages, childhood pictures reminiscing the beautiful time they spent with their father, and so on. Likewise, online shopping has also seen rise in recent times, thus online retailers offer big discounts, conduct sales, and launch new products for the occasion of Father’s Day.

History and significance

With globalization and increasing influence of western culture, other countries including India also began celebrating the day as well. In India, Father’s Day is celebrated on third Sunday of June and is mainly observed in metros and other big cities with substantial population of urban youth. In India, the day is not declared as official holiday, but is enthusiastically celebrated by young population.

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