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Founder of Drik Panchang
About the Founder of Drik Panchang
Sharad Upadhyay is the person who has developed most of the software used by the website. He has developed sophisticated algorithms to generate location based Panchang and hundreds of Hindu festivals within fraction of a second.

Sharad Upadhyay is a north Indian Brahmin who was born and brought up in Mathura, the religious town of Lord Krishna. He did his schooling in Hindi medium with Sanskrit and English as additional subjects. He has done B.E. in Computer Science from MNREC, Allahabad now known as NIT, Allahabad. After graduation he has worked for Nokia for about 8 years. During his tenure in Nokia he worked as software developer and architect for Organizer including Calendar application used in most Nokia phones. The idea of developing Hindu Calendar for mobile phones was originated while working on English Calendar. is result of his efforts to make Hindu Calendar for mobile phones.

Sharad Upadhyay lives in Bengaluru. He has quit his 9 to 5 job and is spending full time in managing Drik Panchang and bringing Vedic Astrology online. He works with the dedicated team of web developers and designers to run Drik Panchang. You can contact him at feedback[at]
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