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Drik Panchang is a world famous online Panchang and Hindu Calendar. Last year in 2019 we received 40.5 million unique visitors and served 164.5 million pages. We launched Drik Panchang during the first half of year 2011, however the domain was registered in July 2010, with couple of pages and now it has grown to thousands of pages and hosted on dedicated servers. We don't believe either copying from Internet or producing content to appease search engines. We run only for our visitors who come to us to get reliable information as prescribed in ancient religious texts. Statistics
Year Unique Visitors Pages Served Total Visitors
2019 40.5 million 164.5 million 78 million
2018 33.1 million 158.7 million 66.7 million
2017 37.0 million 154.9 million 68.0 million
2016 30.8 million 129.8 million 54.2 million
2015 23.5 million 98.3 million 39.9 million
2014 11.4 million 53.2 million 21.1 million
2013 4.2 million 25.8 million 9.4 million
2012 1.6 million 6.7 million 2.2 million
*data source - Google Analytics

As widely believed, India has kept two things alive while making way to modernization. One is Ayurveda and second is Astrology. At Drik Panchang we are trying to revive Vedic Astrology with integrating it with the latest computer technologies and web resources i.e. Internet.

Our passion and commitment has resulted that today we have a website fully dedicated to Hinduism and its core tenets and beliefs. One of the examples how we have used modern technologies with our ancient beliefs is that we have integrated Google Map with Panchang making it possible to generate customized Panchang for any location on the globe including local timings of Chandra Grahan and Surya Grahan.

Apart from desktop version, we have fully dedicated version of Drik Panchang only for mobile users. Maintaining two websites is not an easy job but our commitment has made it possible. We also have native Android Apps, which doesn't need Internet connection to use, available for all Android devices.

Drik Panchang and all its services are free for all. However you can make voluntary payment for using Drik Panchang and its services. Your contribution will help us to grow Drik Panchang and keep its services free for all. If you pay back then we would use that fund to develop new features and add more services to the website. Drik Panchang was launched with the personal contribution of its founders and currently its only source of income is display advertising. Now we are exploring other ways to fund Drik Panchang.

Our ambition is to make the best online resource to provide Vedic Astrology purely based on scientific calculations and ancient knowledge documented in numerous Vedic scriptures. We add new features after in-depth research and don't publish any information unless we have completed our research with satisfactory results. Our ambition is to computerized almost all ancient knowledge of Vedic Astrology and provide masses tools to explore it and use it into day to day life. For us, Vedic Astrology is science which has been neglected since long. is owned by Adarsh Mobile Applications LLP and we are not an NGO. We run Drik Panchang professionally which has made Drik Panchang the most admired website on Hindu Astrology. We don't endorse any astrologers but our Panchang data and the website is referred by many of them.

Drik Panchang doesn't charge any fee for using it. However, we need fund to continue our work and keep researching on Vedic Astrology. If you want us to keep serving Hindu community, please think about paying for using Drik Panchang and its online tools and services.

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