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2013 Solar Eclipse | Surya Grahan date and time for Fairfield, Connecticut, United States


2013 Solar Eclipse

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United StatesFairfield, Connecticut, United States
Fairfield, United States
Solar Eclipse
May 2013
Thursday / गुरूवार
Lord Vishnu Killing Asura Rahu
cause of Eclipse as per Hinduism

Solar Eclipse Local Timings

Eclipse would not be visible in Fairfield
Sutak Begins - Not Applicable
Sutak Ends - Not Applicable
Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick Begins - Not Applicable
Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick Ends - Not Applicable

Notes: All timings are represented in 12-hour notation in local time of Fairfield, United States with DST adjustment (if applicable).
Hours which are past midnight are suffixed with next day date. In Panchang day starts and ends with sunrise.

Solar eclipse of May 10, 2013

The first solar eclipse of 2013 would occur on May, 10. It would be an annular eclipse of magnitude 0.95 which means that at the moment of greatest eclipse 95% of the Sun would be hidden by the shadow of the moon.

During annular eclipse the shadow of the moon forms a circular ring around the Sun. The duration of annularity, the time when the Sun would look like a circular ring, would last for 6 minutes and 3 seconds.

The annular eclipse would be visible from a 171 to 225 Km wide track which would traverse through Australia, eastern Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Gilbert Islands. While the partial phases of the eclipse would be visible mainly from Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Start and End timings of Solar Eclipse

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