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Prohibited Yogas for Marriage and their effects


Ashubh Marriage Yoga

Vedic astrology defines twenty seven Yogas.

Following 8 Yogas are considered Ashubh i.e. inauspicious for marriage.

Shubha Vivah
  1. Atiganda (6th Yoga)
  2. Shula (9th Yoga)
  3. Ganda (10th Yoga)
  4. Vyaghata (13th Yoga)
  5. Vyatipata (17th Yoga)
  6. Parigha (19th Yoga)
  7. Indra (26th Yoga)
  8. Vaidhriti (27th Yoga)

It is believed that marriages held during above Nitya Yogas results in the death of the bride or the bridegroom. The bride might suffer from various diseases. The bridegroom might become drunkard, meat eater and timid. The couple might suffer from the death of the son.

Hence all above Yogas should be avoided while decided auspicious marriage date. Rests of the 19 Yogas are considered auspicious for marriage.

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