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2020 Kanya Sankranti Punya Kaal Time for San Diego, California, United States


2020 Kanya Sankranti

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San Diego, United States
Kanya Sankranti
September 2020
Wednesday / बुधवार
Arghya Offering on Kanya Sankranti
Kanya Sankranti

Kanya Sankranti Punya Kaal Muhurta

Kanya Sankranti on Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Kanya Sankranti Punya Kala - 06:53 AM to 01:28 PM
Duration - 06 Hours 34 Mins
Kanya Sankranti Maha Punya Kala - 06:53 AM to 08:57 AM
Duration - 02 Hours 03 Mins
Kanya Sankranti Moment - 06:53 AM
Kanya Sankranti Phalam

Kanya Sankranti Phalam

  • Good for lower class and people involved in menial work
  • Commodities cost would be expensive
  • Brings abundant supply of provisions
  • Good health for people, affinity among nations and increase of grain stocks
Kanya Sankranti Muhurta

Kanya Sankranti Muhurta

Sankranti Karana: Shakuni
Sankranti Day: Wednesday / बुधवार
Observation Date: September 16, 2020
Transit Date: September 16, 2020
Sankranti Moment: 06:53 AM, Sep 16
Sankranti Ghati: 1 (Dinamana)
Sankranti Moonsign: Simha Simha
Sankranti Nakshatra: Purva Phalguni (Ugra Sangyaka) Purva Phalguni
Shakuni Karana Sankranti with Vahana Kutta
Sankranti Phalam

Sankranti Property
Phalam Indication
Naam / Name
Vara Mukha / Facing
Dakshina / South
Drishti / Sighting
Ishana / North-East
Gamana / Going To
Pashchima / West
Vahana / Vehicle
Kutta / Dog
Upa Vahana / Secondary Vehicle
Vrishabha / Shardool / Bull / Leopard
Vastra / Clothes
Chitra / Multi Colored
Ayudha / Weapon
Kunta / Spear
Bhakshya Padartha / Food
Guda / Jaggery
Gandha Dravya / Poultice on Body
Varna / Cast
Kshatriya / Warrior
Pushpa / Flower
Vaya / Age
Avastha / State/Condition
Kampa / Trembling
Karana Mukha / Facing
Nairrtya / South-West
Sthiti / Position
Khadi / Standing
Bhojana Patra / Food Vessel
Vastra / Cloth
Abhushana / Jewelry
Kanchuki / Top Cloth
Fur / Fur

Notes: All timings are represented in 12-hour notation in local time of San Diego, United States with DST adjustment (if applicable).
Hours which are past midnight are suffixed with next day date. In Panchang day starts and ends with sunrise.

2020 Kanya Sankranti or Sankranthi

Kanya Sankranti marks the beginning of the sixth month in Hindu Solar Calendar. All twelve Sankrantis in the year are highly auspicious for Dan-Punya activities. Only certain time duration before or after each Sankranti moment is considered auspicious for Sankranti related activities.

For Kanya Sankranti sixteen Ghatis after the Sankranti moment are considered Shubh or auspicious and the time window from Sankranti to sixteen Ghati after Sankranti is taken for all Dan-Punya activities.

Kanya Sankranti day is also celebrated as Vishwakarma Puja day.

In South India Sankranti is called as Sankramanam.

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