Ashlesha Nakshatra in Hindu Astrology

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Ashlesha Nakshatra
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Ashlesha Nakshatra
Ashlesha Nakshatra - Ashlesha is the ninth nakshatra in Vedic astrology ranging from 16°40' to 30° Karka.

Symbol - The symbol of this nakshatra is Serpent.

Astronomical Name - This nakshatra corresponds to δ, ε, η, ρ and σ Hydrae, in the Hydra constellation.

Deity of Nakshatra - Sarpas or Nagas, deified snakes are the deities of Ashlesha nakshatra.

Ruling Planet - Ashlesha nakshatra is ruled by Budh (the planetMercury).

Others - Ashlesha is also known as the Clinging Star or Naga. It is a Trikshna or Sharp nakshatra. It is the birth star of Ketu.
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