Bharani Nakshatra in Hindu Astrology

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Bharani Nakshatra
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Bharani Nakshatra
Bharani Nakshatra - Bharani is the second nakshatra (lunar mansion) in Vedic astrology ranging from 13°20' to 26°40' Mesha.

Symbol - The symbol of this nakshatra is Yoni (the female organ of reproduction).

Astronomical Name - Bharani nakshatra is represented as 35, 39 and 41 Arietis.

Deity of Nakshatra - Yama, the God of Death is the deity of this nakshatra.

Ruling Planet - Bharani Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Shukra(Venus).

Others - Bharani is a bright and active nakshatra and works as harmful and misleading in nature. The energy of Bharani is called ugra or krura.
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