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Rahu Kalam | Raghu Kalam | Rahu Kalam in Muhurtam


Rahu Kalam


The rising period of planet Rahu is considered inauspicious especially in South India. Rahu is malefic planet and His rising period is considered bad to start any auspicious works. Rahu Kalam time window depends on Sunrise and Sunset timings and differs for all cities.


  1. Malefic duration of Rahu Kalam prevails during daytime and ceases to exist during night time.
  2. Month Rahu, Khanda Rahu, Vaar Rahu, Yamardha Rahu, Muhurta Rahu are various methods used for Rahu Kalam. However the Yamardha (1/8th part of the daytime) method to calculate Rahu Kalam is the most popular one.
  3. It is quite possible that Rahu Kalam and auspicious time in Choghadiya might overlap. (On Tuesday Rahu Kalam overlaps with Shubh Choghadiya while on Thursday it overlaps with Amrit Choghadiya.) In such situation the currency of the auspicious Choghadiya time becomes debatable. However, as per Muhurta Chintamani, "when on a day both malefic and benefic Yogas are present then the results of benefic Yogas will prevail".

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