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DeepakTop Published Panchang | Famous Paper Panchang in IndiaDeepak

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Paper Panchang List

List of top Hindu Almanac

Top Published Panchang in India

Publishing and distributing Hindu almanac is serious business in India. Many families have built successful business model through creating trusted almanac brand. The almanac business is getting passed generation after generation due to trust, loyalty and brand recognition among Panchang users. To take advantage of significant Panchang market in India, many fake almanacs or Panchang are published every year.

Most Hindu almanacs or Panchang are published in two formats. One is the calendar format which can be hanged to a wall for easy reckoning. Most homes as well as casual users prefer Panchang in the calendar format. In other format Panchang are published in the form of a flexible book which is preferred by astrologers and people with deep knowledge of astrology. Panchang in book format is also known as Panjika, Panji and Jantri.

Most of these Panchang provide information on the position of the Sun and the Moon for each day throughout the year. Panchang includes auspicious and inauspicious timings, planetary positions and most fasting days and festivals in the year. Apart from regular Panchang data and festivals, most sought features in Panchang are Vivah Muhurat, Griha Pravesh Muhurat, Rashi Phal, Auspicious Yoga, Bhadra Vichar, Panchak, Ganda and Mool and Teji Mandi Vichar.

The team of Drik Panchang has compiled a list of famous Hindu almanacs which are published in India. Hindu almanacs for the New Samvat start coming into the market just after Diwali as Gujarati Vikram Samvat begins on the next day of Diwali. To align with the modern trend and western influence on Indian culture, most Hindu almanacs are published during Christmas and New Year eve although English New Year has no significance in Vedic astrology. Traditionally Hindu almanacs are published during March or April when Hindu New Year in lunar as well as solar calendars begins.

  1. Kalnirnay Panchang
  2. Kaldarshak Panchang
  3. Thakur Prasad Panchang
  4. Kashi Vishwanath Panchang
  5. Thanjavur Panchangam
  6. Pambu Panchangam
  7. Nirnaya Sagar Panchang
  8. Diwakar Panchang
  9. Chintaharan Jantri
  10. Braj Bhoomi Panchang
  11. Gupta Press Panjika
  12. Babulal Chaturvedi Panchang
  13. Lala Ramswaroop Ramnarayan Panchang
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