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Deepak2018 Vinayaka Chaturthi Vrat dates for New Delhi, NCT, IndiaDeepak

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19 days

Vinayaka Chaturthi
Ashadha, Shukla Chaturthi
New Delhi, India


June 2020

2018 Vinayaka Chaturthi

Lord Vinayaka

Each lunar month in Hindu calendar has two Chaturthi Tithis. According to Hindu scriptures Chaturthi Tithi(s) belongs to Lord Ganesha. The Chaturthi after Amavasya or new moon during Shukla Paksha is known as Vinayaka Chaturthi and the one after Purnimasi or full moon during Krishna Paksha is known as Sankashti Chaturthi.

Although Vinayaka Chaturthi fasting is done every month but the most significant Vinayaka Chaturthi falls in month of Bhadrapada. Vinayaka Chaturthi during Bhadrapada month is known as Ganesha Chaturthi. Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated by Hindus all over the world as the birthday of Lord Ganesha.

2018 Vinayaka Chaturthi Vrat Dates
[2074 - 2075] Vikrama Samvata
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Vinayaka Chaturthi
January 21, 2018, Sunday
02 Hours 07 Mins
Magha, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 02:11 PM, Jan 20
Ends - 03:33 PM, Jan 21
Vinayaka Chaturthi
February 19, 2018, Monday
02 Hours 16 Mins
Phalguna, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 05:17 AM, Feb 19
Ends - 05:15 AM, Feb 20
Vinayaka Chaturthi
March 21, 2018, Wednesday
02 Hours 26 Mins
Chaitra, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 04:50 PM, Mar 20
Ends - 03:28 PM, Mar 21
Vinayaka Chaturthi
April 19, 2018, Thursday
02 Hours 35 Mins
Vaishakha, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 01:30 AM, Apr 19
Ends - 11:08 PM, Apr 19
Adhika Vinayaka Chaturthi
May 18, 2018, Friday
02 Hours 44 Mins
Jyeshtha, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 08:25 AM, May 18
Ends - 05:28 AM, May 19
Vinayaka Chaturthi
June 17, 2018, Sunday
00 Hours 41 Mins
Jyeshtha, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 02:46 PM, Jun 16
Ends - 11:39 AM, Jun 17
Vinayaka Chaturthi
July 16, 2018, Monday
02 Hours 45 Mins
Ashadha, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 09:35 PM, Jul 15
Ends - 06:41 PM, Jul 16
Vinayaka Chaturthi
August 14, 2018, Tuesday
02 Hours 38 Mins
Shravana, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 05:45 AM, Aug 14
Ends - 03:28 AM, Aug 15
Ganesh Chaturthi
September 13, 2018, Thursday
02 Hours 29 Mins
Bhadrapada, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 04:07 PM, Sep 12
Ends - 02:52 PM, Sep 13
Vinayaka Chaturthi
October 12, 2018, Friday
02 Hours 19 Mins
Ashwina, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 05:28 AM, Oct 12
Ends - 05:35 AM, Oct 13
Vinayaka Chaturthi
November 11, 2018, Sunday
02 Hours 10 Mins
Kartika, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 10:12 PM, Nov 10
Ends - 11:44 PM, Nov 11
Vinayaka Chaturthi
December 11, 2018, Tuesday
02 Hours 04 Mins
Margashirsha, Shukla Chaturthi
Begins - 05:50 PM, Dec 10
Ends - 08:22 PM, Dec 11

Notes: All timings are represented in 12-hour notation in local time of New Delhi, India with DST adjustment (if applicable).
Hours which are past midnight are suffixed with next day date. In Panchang day starts and ends with sunrise.

Vinayaka Chaturthi is also known as Varad Vinayaka Chaturthi. Varad means "asking God to fulfill any desire one has". Lord Ganesha blesses devotees with wisdom and patience who observe this fast. The wisdom and patience are two virtues whose significance is known to human kind since ages. Anyone who possesses these virtues can progress in life and can achieve whatever one desires.

Ganesha Puja on Vinayaka Chaturthi is done during afternoon which is midday according to Hindu calendar. The Muhurta to worship lord Ganesha during afternoon is listed along with Vinayaka Chaturthi dates.

Location based Vinayaka Chaturthi Days

It is important to understand that fasting day for Vinayaka Chaturthi might differ for two cities even if those cities are within same Indian state. Fasting for Vinayaka Chaturthi depends on sunrise and sunset timings and it is observed when Chaturthi Tithi prevails during midday. Hence Vinayaka Chaturthi fasting might be observed on Tritiya Tithi i.e. one day before Chaturthi Tithi. As midday time depends on sunrise and sunset, which are different for all cities, it is important to refer Hindu calendar like this website which lists location based Vinayaka Chaturthi days. As generating location based dates are time consuming most sources ignore this fact and publish single list for all Indian cities.

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