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Rakhi | Raksha Bandhan



Description: Rakhi, which is also known as Raksha Bandhan, is a Hindu festival which is celebrated across India. Raksha Bandhan is recognized and celebrated among Hindus for its symbolic significance. [...more]
Also Called: Raksha Bandhan
Significance: tying the sacred thread by sisters to their brothers
Deity(s): Goddess Indrani, Lord Indra
Key Rituals: Raksha Bandhan PujaThread ceremony,
Mythological Figures: Lord KrishnaYudhishthira, Draupadi, Goddess Indrani, Lord Indra,
2022 Raksha Bandhan date: August 11 (Thursday)
2023 Raksha Bandhan date: August 30 (Wednesday)
2024 Raksha Bandhan date: August 19 (Monday)
2025 Raksha Bandhan date: August 09 (Saturday)
Hindu Calendar Date:
Purnimanta - Purnima of Shravana month (Shukla Paksha)
Amanta - Purnima of Shravana month (Shukla Paksha)
2023 Raksha Bandhan Muhurat:
New Delhi - after 09:01 PM
Pune - 09:01 PM to 09:09 PM
Chennai - after 09:01 PM
Kolkata - after 09:01 PM
Hyderabad - after 09:01 PM
Ahmedabad - 09:01 PM to 09:16 PM
Noida - after 09:01 PM
Jaipur - 09:01 PM to 09:05 PM
Mumbai - 09:01 PM to 09:13 PM
Gurgaon - after 09:01 PM
Bengaluru - after 09:01 PM
Chandigarh - 09:01 PM to 09:03 PM
  • sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers
  • Aarti for the brothers imbued with prayers of their long life
  • brothers offer gifts to their sisters
  • preparation of delicious recipes
  • There are various legends of Raksha Bandhan, but the legend mentioned in Bhavishya Purana is the most authenticated one [...more]
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Kheer
  • Coconut Barfi
  • Kaju Katli
  • Traditional Indian attire
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