2015 Ekadashi fasting days for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

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2015 Ekadashi Dates
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2015 Ekadashi fasting days for Ujjain, India

2015 Ekadashi fasting days

Goddess Ekadashi
Yoga Maya of Lord Vishnu - Goddess Ekadashi
Ekadashi fasting is observed on every 11th Tithi in Hindu calendar. There are two Ekadashi fasting in a month, one during Shukla Paksha and another during Krishna Paksha. Devotees of Lord Vishnu observe Ekadashi fasting to seek His blessings.

Ekadashi fasting spans for three days. Devotees take single meal in the afternoon a day before fasting day to make sure there is no residual food in the stomach on next day. Devotees keep strict fast on Ekadashi day and break the fast on next day only after sunrise. Eating of all type of grains and cereals is prohibited during Ekadashi fasting.

Devotees can choose to observe fasting without water, with only water, with only fruits, with one time latex food according to their will and body power. However it should be decided before starting the fast.
kalash 2015 kalash
01 January (Thursday) Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
16 January (Friday) Shattila Ekadashi
30 January (Friday) Jaya Ekadashi
15 February (Sunday) Vijaya Ekadashi
01 March (Sunday) Amalaki Ekadashi
16 March (Monday) Papmochani Ekadashi
17 March (Tuesday) Gauna Papmochani Ekadashi
Vaishnava Papamochani Ekadashi
31 March (Tuesday) Kamada Ekadashi
15 April (Wednesday) Varuthini Ekadashi
29 April (Wednesday) Mohini Ekadashi
14 May (Thursday) Apara Ekadashi
29 May (Friday) Nirjala Ekadashi
12 June (Friday) Yogini Ekadashi
28 June (Sunday) Padmini Ekadashi
12 July (Sunday) Parama Ekadashi
27 July (Monday) Devshayani Ekadashi
10 August (Monday) Kamika Ekadashi
26 August (Wednesday) Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
08 September (Tuesday) Aja Ekadashi
24 September (Thursday) Parsva Ekadashi
08 October (Thursday) Indira Ekadashi
23 October (Friday) Papankusha Ekadashi
24 October (Saturday) Gauna Papankusha Ekadashi
Vaishnava Papankusha Ekadashi
07 November (Saturday) Rama Ekadashi
22 November (Sunday) Devutthana Ekadashi
07 December (Monday) Utpanna Ekadashi
21 December (Monday) Mokshada Ekadashi
At times Ekadashi fasting is suggested on two consecutive days. It is advised that Smartha with family should observe fasting on first day only. The alternate Ekadashi fasting, which is the second one, is suggested for Sanyasis, widows and for those who want Moksha. When alternate Ekadashi fasting is suggested for Smartha it coincides with Vaishnava Ekadashi fasting day.

Ekadashi fasting on both days is suggested for staunch devotees who seek for love and affection of Lord Vishnu.

This page list Ekadashi fasting days for Smarthas. Vaishnavas should check Vaishnava Ekadashi Fasting to know Vaishnava fasting days. Vaishnava fasting day might be one day after of Smartha fasting day.
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