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Deepak2019 Kranti Samya Dosha for New Delhi, NCT, IndiaDeepak

2019 Mahapat Dosha
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Mahapata Yoga

Here, the beginning and ending time of Krantisamya Yoga is being expounded on the basis of Mahapata calculations. These astrological calculations are precise in nature and thus only this precise or exact Krantisamya Kaal is considered inauspicious as per the Hindu astrology and performing auspicious ceremonies of any nature; wedding rituals are strictly prohibited during this Kaal or time.

As per the Muhurat-Shastra, Krantisamya is considered a Mahadosha and is regarded something as not to be overlooked or ignored, and thus one must avoid performing auspicious ceremonies of all kinds and nature during this Dosha, all the time. This Dosha is also referred to as Krantisamya Dosha, Mahakaal, Ravindukrantisamya, Mahavaidhriti and Mahavyatipata or Mahapata.

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Kranti Samya Dosha

Yoga ◀▶
Begin Time 
End Time ◀▶
Vaidhriti Yoga
January 18, 2019, Friday at 6:10 PM
January 19, 2019, Saturday at 07:16 AM
Vyatipata Yoga
January 30, 2019, Wednesday at 07:24 AM
January 30, 2019, Wednesday at 3:47 PM
Vaidhriti Yoga
February 12, 2019, Tuesday at 8:51 PM
February 13, 2019, Wednesday at 02:53 AM
Vyatipata Yoga
February 24, 2019, Sunday at 09:42 AM
February 24, 2019, Sunday at 2:43 PM
Vaidhriti Yoga
March 9, 2019, Saturday at 9:34 PM
March 10, 2019, Sunday at 02:39 AM
Vaidhriti Yoga
April 3, 2019, Wednesday at 11:13 PM
April 4, 2019, Thursday at 04:25 AM
Vyatipata Yoga
April 16, 2019, Tuesday at 11:48 AM
April 16, 2019, Tuesday at 4:30 PM
Vaidhriti Yoga
April 29, 2019, Monday at 01:35 AM
April 29, 2019, Monday at 08:08 AM
Vyatipata Yoga
May 11, 2019, Saturday at 8:34 PM
May 12, 2019, Sunday at 03:37 AM
Vaidhriti Yoga
May 23, 2019, Thursday at 11:34 PM
May 24, 2019, Friday at 12:06 PM
Vaidhriti Yoga
July 14, 2019, Sunday at 4:57 PM
July 15, 2019, Monday at 10:49 AM
Vyatipata Yoga
July 28, 2019, Sunday at 04:37 AM
July 28, 2019, Sunday at 12:50 PM
Vaidhriti Yoga
August 8, 2019, Thursday at 8:46 PM
August 9, 2019, Friday at 03:10 AM
Vyatipata Yoga
August 22, 2019, Thursday at 11:42 AM
August 22, 2019, Thursday at 5:19 PM
Vaidhriti Yoga
September 3, 2019, Tuesday at 06:46 AM
September 3, 2019, Tuesday at 11:13 AM
Vyatipata Yoga
September 16, 2019, Monday at 2:52 PM
September 16, 2019, Monday at 7:52 PM
Vyatipata Yoga
October 11, 2019, Friday at 5:47 PM
October 11, 2019, Friday at 10:58 PM
Vaidhriti Yoga
October 24, 2019, Thursday at 3:25 PM
October 24, 2019, Thursday at 8:04 PM
Vyatipata Yoga
November 5, 2019, Tuesday at 8:57 PM
November 6, 2019, Wednesday at 03:31 AM
Vaidhriti Yoga
November 19, 2019, Tuesday at 01:05 AM
November 19, 2019, Tuesday at 08:29 AM
Vyatipata Yoga
November 30, 2019, Saturday at 10:59 PM
December 1, 2019, Sunday at 11:39 AM
Vaidhriti Yoga
December 13, 2019, Friday at 03:18 AM
December 14, 2019, Saturday at 11:04 PM

Notes: All timings are represented in 12-hour notation in local time of New Delhi, India with DST adjustment (if applicable).

Mahapata Yoga

On a broader level, this Krantisamya Dosha can be seen when - the tropical signs of Sun and Moon are on the opposite ends of the axis of Krantisamya Gyata-Chakra. For example, if tropical Sun and Moon face each other in the combination of signs Aries-Leo, Taurus-Capricorn, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Scorpio, Virgo-Pisces and Libra-Aquarius, this Krantisamya Yoga occurs, but here, note that this proposition only reflects the broader understanding of this Yoga and does not offer subtle details and understanding.

Here, the calculations performed on the basis of time and date, only offer the nuanced understanding of Krantisamya Dosha. The time period between the beginning and end of this Yoga should be completely avoided for the auspicious ceremonies. As per the Hindu Panchang, there are a total of 27 Yogas, amongst those there are two Yogas, namely Vaidhriti and Vyatipata Yogas. These Vaidhriti Mahapata and Vyatipata Mahapata are completely distinct Yogas and should not be considered interchangeable.

One must only follow the exact time-period of Krantisamya Dosha calculated as per the astrological methodology.

Krantisamya Dosha does not affect Tithi(s) and Nakshatra(s) in entirety, but, only the particular time-period suggested after the minute astrological calculations should be considered inauspicious and thus should be avoided.

Despite the inauspicious nature of Krantisamya Dosha, Karmas like meditation, Mantra recitation, Tantra practice are acceptable during this time just like they are acceptable during Solar and Lunar eclipses.

*Hindu holy scriptures explain the significance of Krantisamya Dosha in the following Mantras -

आद्यन्तकालयोर्मध्यः कालो ज्ञेयोऽतिदारुणः।
प्रज्वलज्ज्वलनाकारः सर्वकर्मसु गर्हितः॥

एकायनगतं यावदर्केन्द्वोर्मण्डलान्तरम्।
सम्भवस्तावदेवास्य सर्वकर्मविनाशकृत्॥

Adyantkalayormadhyah Kalo Gyeyoatidarunah।
Prajvalajjvalanakarah Sarvakarmasu Garhitah॥

Ekayanagatam Yavadarkendvormandalantaram।
Sambhavastavadevasya Sarvakarmvinashakrit॥

That is, the time period between the beginning and ending of Mahapata is considered extremely unpropitious. This time period poses immense challenges and hardships in the path of an individual and thus the practice of anything auspicious is condemned during this time. This Dosha is compared with the intensity of a ferocious fire which has the power to turn all the outcomes of auspicious undertakings into ashes. Thus, auspicious undertakings are strictly prohibited during this Dosha. The inauspicious effects of this Dosha are effective until the Kranti Yoga made by the Sun and Moon completes an orbit in one of its parts.

प्राप्यते सुमहच्छ्रेयस्तत् कालज्ञानतस्तथा॥

Prapyate Sumahchchhreyastat Kalagyanatastatatha॥

That is, during this Kaal, practices such as a dip in a holy river, Mantra-chanting, Shraddh-Karma, worshipping of a deity and making religious offerings like Homa and Yajna yield auspicious results (Punya) to the performer. The astrologer who holds the understanding of this Dosha automatically gets all the Punya that are ascribed to the aforementioned practices.

स्वड्गाहतो अग्निना दग्धो, नागदूष्टोऽपि जवति।
क्रान्ति साम्य कृतोद्वाहो, म्रियते नात्र संशयः॥

Swangahato Agnina Dagdho, Nagadushtoapi Javati।
Krantisamya Kritodvaho, Mriyate Natra Samshayah॥

That is, a person hurt with sword-inflected injuries, bitten by a venomous snake can be saved but an auspicious ritual performed during Krantisamya Dosha or a marriage solemnized during this Dosha is destined to be doomed. The couple will not survive the negative effects of this Dosha which eventually lead them to death.

क्रान्तिसाम्ये चे कन्याया यदि पाणिग्रहो भवेत्।
कन्या वैद्यव्यतां याति ईशस्य दुहिता यदि॥

Krantisamye Che Kanyaya Yadi Panigraho Bhavet।
Kanya Vaidyavyatam Yati Ishasya Duhita Yadi॥

That is, the marriage solemnized during Krantisamya Dosha will render the girl a widow, even if she is the daughter of Lord Shiva himself.

भुविपतति जनानां मङ्गलेध्वंसनाय।
गुणगण शतसंधै रप्य वायोरग्निः वार्योग्नि कोपः॥

Bhuvipatati Jananam Mangaledhvamsanaya।
Gunagana Shatasandhai Rapya Vayoragnih Kopah॥

That is, this Mahapata Dosha which occurs as a result of the Sun and Moon Kranti-Yoga unfurls a fire of high ferocity on the Earth, and smolder all the auspicious undertakings of human beings into ashes. The effects of this Dosha doesn't alleviate even after performing the hundreds of remedial actions.

A comprehensive exposition of this Mahapata can be found in numerous holy books and scriptures of Hinduism, like Grahalaghav, Surya Siddhanta, Siddhanta Shiromani, Ketaki, and Karana Kutuhala amongst others.

A Shanti-Puja with Gaumukha should be performed for the children born under the malicious effect of this Krantisamya Dosha. The effects of this Dosha are considered to be more detrimental than those of eclipse.

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