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COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 | Astrological analysis of COVID-19

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Coronavirus disease 2019

Disclaimer - readers, please pay attention!

All the information and analysis regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus-2019) that is being presented here is inferred within the limitations of Vedic astrological knowledge and is based on the ancient wisdom provided and compiled in various scripture by our sages. The only purpose of sharing this information is to put forth an astrological perspective about the outbreak and spread of novel Coronavirus in India and the world. We do not aim to undermine any scientific research on COVID-19 or encourage nonscientific understanding of the disease.

We urge all our readers to acquaint themselves with the latest scientific developments on the COVID-19 and follow every instruction provided by the government and medical research councils strictly to avoid contracting this highly infectious and life-threatening disease.

Astrological analysis of COVID-19 pandemic

Detailed astrological calculations and analysis of planetary transits suggest that the current situation occurred due to pandemic COVID-19 will become normal by September 2020. Till then, the only cure against this disease is the compliance of government advisory and maintaining #SocialDistancing.

The coronavirus-19 outbreak was first identified in 2019; therefore, we will have to take the various planetary transits of the year 2019 (Hindu Samvat 2076) as well as celestial council and four major horoscopes year, world, summer and autumn under the consideration for the analysis.

Effect of Paridhavi Samvatsar

Samvat 2076 is considered Paridhavi Samvatsar as per Samhita scriptures.
As per Samhita scriptures,

धन-धान्य समृद्धिः स्यात् भयं भूरी प्रजायते।
अन्यथा क्षेममारोग्यं परिधाविति वत्सरे।

Dhan-Dhanya Samriddhih Syat Bhayam Bhuri Prajayate।
Anyatha Kshemamarogyam Paridhaviti Vatsare।

Meaning - In Paridhavi Samvatsar, despite wealth, prosperity and surplus food, the border regions of the country have an environment of fear and apprehensions.

According to Bhavishyaphala Bhaskar,

भूयाहवो महारोगो मध्य सस्यार्ध वृष्टयः।
दुखिनो जन्तवः सर्वे सम्वत्सरे परिधाविनि।

Bhuyahavo Maha Rogo Madhya Sasyardha Vrishtayah।
Dukhino Jantavah Sarve Samvatsare Paridhavini।

Meaning - In Paridhavi Samvatsar, world leaders or political parties face mutual hostility. Also, there is average rainfall, inflation, and widespread misery and illness in the general public.

According to Megha Mahodaya Grantha ,

अभिभूतं जगत्सर्व क्लेशैश्च विविधैः प्रिये।
मारुतो बहुदाहश्च परिधाविनि वत्सरे।

Abhibhutam Jagatsarva Kleshaishch Vividhaih priye।
Maruto Bahudahashcha Paridhavini Vatsare।

Meaning - In Paridhavi Samvatsar, the whole world is troubled by various social, political and natural calamities. There is a loss of wealth and life due to strong winds and fire accidents.

Effect of Saturn being the king

The king/ruler of Samvat 2076 was Saturn. This aspect pollutes the environment and destroys world peace.

दुर्भिक्ष-मरकं रोगान करोति पवनं तथा।
शनैश्चाराष्दो दोषाश्च-विग्रहांश्चैव भूभुजाम्।

Durbhiksha-Marakam Rogan Karoti Pavanam Tatha।
Shanaishcharashdo Doshashcha – Vigrahanshchaiva Bhubhujam।

Meaning - It is quite evident from the above Shloka that because the king was Saturn, people had no option but to face serious illnesses. Take a look at another Shloka to know what happens when Saturn is the king.

शनैश्चरे भूमिपतौ सकृज्ज्लं प्रभूतरोगैः परिपीड्यते जनः।
युद्धं नृपाणां गदतस्कराधैर्भ्रमन्ति लोकः क्षुधिताश्च देशान।

Shanaishchare Bhumipatau Sakrinjjalam Prabhutrogaih Paripidyate Janah।
Yuddham Nripanam Gadatskaradhairbhramanti Lokah Kshudhitashcha Deshan।

Meaning - If Saturn is the king of the year, then the rainfall occurs only once (the rainfall is less). There are widespread diseases in people. There is a fear of wars amongst nations increases. There is excessive robbery takes place and people have to go hungry.

If the king of the Samvatsar or year is Mars, then also, there is a fear of diseases in people.

Effect of Sun being the minister

नृपभयं गदतेयी हि तस्करात्प्रचूरधान्यधनादि महीतले।
रसचयं हि समर्धतमं तदा रविर्मत्यापदं हि समागतः।

Nripbhayam Gadteyi Hi Taskaratprachurdhanyadhanadi Mahitale।
Raschayam Hi Samardhatam Tada Ravirmatyapadam Hi Samagatah।

Meaning - If the Sun is minister then the fear of king, diseases and thieves increases. There are prosperity and surplus of food grains. Also, there is a stock of liquid and fruit juices and commodities are cheap.

Effect of Saturn being the Meghesh, the king of clouds

रविसुते जलदस्यपतौभवेद्धिरलवृष्टिवतीवसुधा तदा।
मनसितापकरोनृपतिः सदाविविधरोगरतां जनतामता।

Ravisute Jaladasyapataubhaveddhiralvrishtivativasudha Tada।
Manasitapakaronripatih Sadavividharogaratam Jantamata।

Meaning - If the Saturn is Meghesh then there is low rainfall. Kings are distressed and common people are afflicted with various illnesses.

Astrological analysis of the year Kundali of 2019 and 2020

All dates and timings are in Indian Standard Time. All these Kundali have been created for New Delhi, India.

Year Kundali Of Samvat 2076 - April 05, 2019, 14:20:00 Rashi Chart
Year Kundali of Samvat 2076 - April 05, 2019 at 14:20:00
Year Kundali Of Samvat 2077
Year Kundali of Samvat 2077 - March 24, 2020 at 14:57:00

In the year Kundali of Samvat 2076, Karka was the ascendant or the rising sign. This implies a weaker Mars, Moola-Trikona Jupiter, Moola-Trikona Rahu and Ketu after being exalted, and Vargottama Rahu-Ketu-Pluto. The ruling planet of Makara Rashi Saturn was positioned in 12th place from its Rashi. Rahu was making Samasaptaka Yoga with Jupiter and Ketu. Saturn and Jupiter were making Shadashtaka Yoga with Mars.

In the year Kundali of Samvat 2077, Karka was the ascendant or the rising sign. This implies, exalted Mars, Swagrahi Jupiter (positioned in its own sign), weaker Venus, Swagrahi Saturn, Mool-Trikona Rahu and Ketu after being exalted.

In the year Kundali, all planets are positioned between Rahu and Ketu, this phenomenon is indicating towards some difficult circumstances. Mars and Saturn which are positioned above the ascendant and aspect 7th house also indicate that the country will have to face tough situations in order to deal with many old and new adversities. Mars and Saturn will remain in the same position till May 04, 2020.

The analysis of both the aforementioned Kundali as per Medini Jyotish (Mundane Astrology), the 6th house indicates illnesses and health emergencies, 8th house indicates natural calamities and accidents, 12th house indicates foreign invasion. If we see the planets, Jupiter affects business, Saturn affects health and causes various afflictions, unexpected accidents and extreme losses due to Rahu, Ketu aggravates the problems to the highest level, Neptune motivates cheating and corruption and Pluto stimulates scientific inventions, blast and social anarchy. The analysis of both the above horoscopes presents a clear picture about the outcomes due to planetary positions.

It is an undeniable fact that whenever there is a deviation in the natural positions of planets, repercussions occur in the form of extreme circumstances like a deluge, drought, wars, pandemic, earthquake, anarchy, and meteor shower. Many ancient scriptures specify that celestial events and planetary transits substantially affect the earth and its inhabitants. Many scientists, intellectuals and researchers support the above claim.

Astrological analysis of the world, summer and autumn Kundali of 2019 and 2020

Now, without stretching the article further, we are presenting a brief analysis of the world Jagat Kundali, summer crop Kundali and autumn crop Kundali in the following section. All dates and timings are in Indian Standard Time. All these Kundali have been created for New Delhi, India.

Jagat Kundali Of Samvat 2076
Jagat Kundali of Samvat 2076 - April 14, 2019 at 14:10:00
Jagat Kundali Of Samvat 2077
Jagat Kundali of Samvat 2077 - April 13, 2020 at 20:24:00
Grishma Kundali Of Samvat 2076
Summer Kundali of Samvat 2076 - November 17, 2019 at 00:52:00
Grishma Kundali Of Samvat 2077
Summer Kundali of Samvat 2077 - November 16, 2020 at 06:54:00
Sharad Kundali Of Samvat 2076
Autumn Kundali of Samvat 2076 - May 15, 2019 at 11:02:00
Sharad Kundali Of Samvat 2077
Autumn Kundali of Samvat 2077 - May 14, 2020 at 17:17:00

In eclipse's median time on December 26, 2019, 7 planets are transiting together. Hence -

सप्तग्रहा यदैकस्या गोलयोगस्तदा भवेत्।
दुर्भिक्षं राष्ट्रपीड़ा च तस्मिनयोगे न संशयः।

Saptagraha Yadaikasya Golayogastada Bhavet।
Durbhakshim Rashtrapida Cha Tasminyoge Na Sanshayah।

Meaning - When 7 planets transit in the same Rashi together, 'Gol Yoga' is formed. This Yoga cause affliction and extreme conditions like the famine in the country.

Saturn and Mars will be in Capricorn sign from March 22, 2020 to May 04, 2020. Hence -

कर्कमीनमृगस्त्रीषु शनिभौमौ यदा स्थितौ।
तदा दुद्धाकुला पृथ्वी धनधान्यविवर्जिता।

Karkameenamrigastrishu Shanibhaumau Yada Sthitau।
Tada Duddhakula Prithvi Dhanadhanyavivarjita।

Meaning - If Saturn and Mars are positioned in Karka, Meena, Makara and Kanya; then, there is a possibility of war amongst nations. Also, there is an acute shortage of food on Earth due to low agriculture yield.

Mars and Jupiter will be together in Capricorn sign from March 30, 2020 to May 04, 2020. Hence -

एकराशिं गतावेतौ धरा पुत्रांगिरः सुतौ।
टाडा मेघाः न वर्षन्ति वर्षाकाल न संशयः।

Ekarashim Gatavetau Dhara Putrangirah Sutau।
Tada Meghah Na Varshanti Vrashakala Na Sanshayah।

Meaning - If Mars-Jupiter is positioned in the same Rashi; then, there is no doubt that rainy season go dry or see scanty rainfall.

Sun-Mercury-Venus will be in the same Rashi after May 14, 2020 at 17:17. Hence -

एकराशिं स्थिता होते सौम्यशुक्रदिनाधिपाः।
सर्वधान्यमहर्घत्व मेघाः स्वल्पजलप्रदाः।
एकनक्षत्रगा होते तदा भयविवध्द्रँना।

Ekarashim Sthita Hote Saumyashukradinadhipah।
Sarvadhanyamaharghatva Meghah Swalapajalpradah।
Eknakshatraga Hote Tada Bhayavivadhnadrana।

Meaning - If Sun-Mercury-Venus is positioned in the same Rashi; then, food inflation occurs, rainfall is low. If these planets are in the same Nakshatra then there is an environment of extreme fear in people.

Effect of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions

If we take a look at some past planetary transits, following situations will come in notice.

In the year 1962, the following situations occurred.
Mars will be in capricorn from January 24, 1962 at 13:53 to March 04, 1962 at 01:39.
Jupiter will be in capricorn from February 10, 1961 at 12:18 to February 24, 1962 at 23:59.
Saturn will be in Capricorn from October 08, 1961/12:05 to January 27, 1965/21:02.

Amongst the 3 aforementioned conjunctions, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and Saturn is Swagrahi (positioned in its own house) in Capricorn. Similarly, the following conjunctions are being made in Capricorn after 58 years in 2020. These conjunctions are known as 'Maharuchak Yoga' amongst astrologers.

In the year 2020, the following astrological conjunctions will occur.
Mars will be in Capricorn from March 22, 2020 at 14:53 to May 04, 2020 at 20:53.
Jupiter will be in Capricorn from March 30, 2020 at 05:05 to June 30, 2020 at 04:03.
Saturn will be in Capricorn from January, 2020 at 11:17 to April 29, 2022 at 10:35.

Hence, Mars-Jupiter-Saturn will make conjunctions with Capricorn from March 30, 2020 to May 04, 2020. Partial conjunctions will occur as follows.

Mars conjuncts Jupiter on March 20, 2020 at 17:05
Mars conjuncts Saturn on April, 2020 at 00:01
Jupiter conjuncts Saturn on May 18, 5-2020 at 10:21
Jupiter conjuncts Saturn on December 21, 2020 at 23:51

Whenever various conjunctions and partial conjunctions of Saturn and Mars, Mars and Jupiter, Jupiter and Saturn planets have happened in the past, various epidemics and pandemics occurred in that time period. To see list of this click on list of epidemics in the past.


Our objective for giving the above information is to present an astrological understanding that whenever Mars conjuncts Jupiter, Mars conjuncts Saturn and Jupiter conjuncts Saturn, the world has seen a pandemic or an epidemic. DrikPanchang.com team solemnly urges everyone to sincerely follow government advisory for protecting yourself, your family and the community from COVID-19. We pray to God that the world gets rid of this life-threatening disease as soon as possible.

Our analysis also shows that the current year will produce extraordinary results in order to put India on the forefront of global dominance and the current situation occurred due to pandemic COVID-19 will become normal by September 2020..

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