Adi Lakshmi - Primordial Form of Goddess Lakshmi

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Adi Lakshmi
Adi Lakshmi
Adi Lakshmi
Adi Lakshmi – primordial form of Lakshmi
Adi Lakshmi is the primordial form of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the root cause of all existence and without her existence whole creation is inconceivable. Due to her elemental form Adi Lakshmi should be worshipped with full devotion and pure heart.

Adi Lakshmi Origin
Adi Lakshmi came into existence during the great churning of the sea. She is believed to be Moksha Pradayani i.e. the one who bestows liberation. Adi Lakshmi is nothing but Mahalakshmi herself and even worshipped by Gods.

Adi Lakshmi Iconography
Adi Lakshmi is described as extremely beautiful. She sits on a pink lotus flower and adorns with red clothes and gold jewelry. She is portrayed with four hands. Two of her hands are shown in Abhaya Mudra and Varada Mudra while in remaining two hands She holds a lotus and white flag.

Adi Lakshmi Stotram
सुमनस वन्दित सुन्दरि माधवि, चन्द्र सहोदरि हेममये
मुनिगणमण्डित मोक्षप्रदायनि, मञ्जुळभाषिणि वेदनुते।
पङ्कजवासिनि देवसुपूजित, सद्गुण वर्षिणि शान्तियुते
जय जय हे मधुसूदन कामिनि, आदिलक्ष्मि सदा पालय माम् ॥
Adi Lakshmi 108 Names
108 Names of Adi form of Goddess Lakshmi is known as Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Goddess Adi Lakshmi – 108 Names of Adi Lakshmi.
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