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Shivavasa in Dainika Panchang




Rudra Abhishek is done during auspicious Shiva Vasa. Shiva Vasa is nothing but the activity in which Lord Shiva is involved at the currency of the time. Hence, Shiva Vasa is looked while performing Rudra Abhishek.

Lord Shiva could be residing at one of the following places -

  1. At Crematory
  2. With Goddess Gowri
  3. In Assembly
  4. At Work/Plays
  5. At Kailash
  6. Mounted on Vrishabha Nandi
  7. Having Dinner or doing Meditation

Rudra Abhishek is done when Lord Shiva is

  1. With Goddess Gowri, which results in domestic happiness and prosperity.
  2. At Kailash, which results in happiness.
  3. When mounting on Nandi, which results in success.

Following places should be avoided for Rudra Abhishek.

  1. At crematory, which results in death.
  2. In assembly, which results in grief.
  3. At work or play, which results in difficulty.
  4. At dinner or doing meditation, which results in troubles or suffering.
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