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Punarvasu Nakshatra
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Punarvasu Nakshatra
Punarvasu Nakshatra - Punarvasu is the seventh nakshatra in Vedic astrology ranging from 20° Mithuna to 3°20' Karka.

Symbol - The symbol of this nakshatra is Bow and Quiver.

Astronomical Name - The astronomical name of this nakshatra is Castor and Pollux which are the two brightest stars in the contillation of Gemini.

Deity of Nakshatra - Aditi, mother of the gods is the deity of Punarvasu nakshatra.

Ruling Planet - Punarvasu nakshatra is ruled by Guru (the planet Jupiter).

Others - The word Punarvasu is derived from Punah which means 'return', 'repeat' or 'repitition' and Vasu, which means 'a ray of light', 'gem'. Lord Rama was born under this nakshatra. The deity of this nakshatra Aditi was the mother of twelve Adityas which were Indra, Vishnu, Bhaga, Twashta, Varuna, Aryama, Pusha, Mitra, Agni, Parjyanya, Vivaswan and Dinakar. In Malayalam Punarvasu is termed Punartham. It is also known as Punarpoosam in many parts of South India.
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