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DeepakKarka Rashifal January 2019 | Cancer January Prediction Deepak

Karka Rashi

Karka | Cancer

January 2019

Karka Rashifal | Cancer Rashiphal

Karka Rashi

…know what Panditji predicts for the month.

Rashi Auspicious Days
07, 16, 24, 27
Rashi Inauspicious Days
02, 04, 09, 12, 14, 18, 21, 22, 29,31

Success in the work will keep you upbeat. Family and friends will remain supportive. Your spouse will always be there for you. You will fulfil the obligations concerning your children this month. You may switch the company or acquire a different position than the current one. Support of administration and government will help you resolve business-related problems. Journeys will prove fruitful. The business will yield expected outcomes. Better financial condition and admiration will keep you happy. Adversaries will face defeat. You will peacefully settle disputes.

Health will improve with a better sense of vitality and vigour. Students will enthusiastically devote time to studies and learning. You will indulge yourself in some good book and reading. Journeys will prove fruitful. Individuals appearing in departmental examinations will face failures. The busy schedule will make it harder to get time for leisure and recreation. Couples may have a fight. To achieve success in life, recite Mantras of Goddess Saraswati and donate white articles on Fridays.

Panditji of Drik Panchang wishes you a happy and prosperous day.

Rashi Lord
चन्द्रमा | Moon
Rashi Letters
ड, ह | Da, Ha
Nakshatra Charana Letters
ही, हु, हे, हो, डा, डी, डू, डे, डो
Hee, Hu, He, Ho, Daa, Dee, Doo, De, Do
Adorable God
शिव जी
Shiv Ji
Favourable Color
दूधिया | Milky
Favourable Number
Favourable Direction
पूर्व, दक्षिण | East, South
Rashi Metal
चाँदी, तांबा | Silver, Copper
Rashi Stone
मोती | Pearl
Rashi Favourable Stone
मोती, पुखराज तथा मूंगा
Pearl, Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral
Rashi Favourable Weekdays
सोमवार, मगंलवार तथा बृहस्पतिवार
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Rashi Temperament
चर | Movable
Rashi Element
जल | Water
Rashi Nature
कफ | Kapha

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