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DeepakVrishabha Rashifal January 2019 | Taurus January Prediction Deepak

Vrishabha Rashi

Vrishabha | Taurus

January 2019

Vrishabha Rashifal | Taurus Rashiphal

Vrishabha Rashi

…know what Panditji predicts for the month.

Rashi Auspicious Days
1, 9, 12, 16, 27
Rashi Inauspicious Days
2, 7, 4, 14, 18, 21, 22, 24, 29,31

At the beginning of the month, you will get appropriate results of your efforts. Financial condition will considerably improve. You will invest money in some valuable possessions. You will be felicitated for your accomplishments. Women will prove helpful. You will receive financial help and support from your family. You get rid of any existing health condition. You will struggle to fulfil the obligations concerning your children.

After 14 and 15 January, remain cautious of accusation and affronts. The mind will be restless. Persistent failures will disappoint and frustrate you. Self-confidence will decrease. Do not carry out or address any matter and work concerning land and house property this month. The results in the legal matters and court-cases will not come in your favour. Students will have to face failures in their pursuits. You will feel digressed and confused. You will also have some memory problems. The businesses dealing in iron, coal, oil will make a better profit.

Panditji of Drik Panchang wishes you a happy and prosperous day.

Rashi Lord
शुक्र | Venus
Rashi Letters
ब, व, उ | Ba, Va, U
Nakshatra Charana Letters
ई, उ, ए, ओ, वा, वी, वू, वे, वो
Ee, U, E, O, Vaa, Vee, Vu, Ve, Vo
Adorable God
श्री दुर्गा माता
Shri Durga Mata
Favourable Color
सफेद | White
Favourable Number
2, 7
Favourable Direction
दक्षिण, पश्चिम | South, West
Rashi Metal
लोहा, सीसा | Iron, Lead
Rashi Stone
हीरा | Diamond
Rashi Favourable Stone
हीरा, पन्ना, नीलम
Diamond, Emerald and Blue Sapphire
Rashi Favourable Weekdays
शुक्रवार, बुधवार तथा शनिवार
Friday, Wednesday and Saturday
Rashi Temperament
स्थिर | Stable
Rashi Element
पृथ्वी | Earth
Rashi Nature
वायु | Air

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