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Raksha Bandhan Thali | Rakhi Thali | Rakhi Puja Thali


Rakhi Puja Thali

Raksha Bandhan Puja Thali and its decoration

Items which should be included in Rakhi Thali or the items needed to get prepared for Rakhi ceremony are listed below.

  1. Rakhi Celebrations
    Raksha Bandhan Puja Thali

    One Thali - Silver Thali is the most popular during Raksha Bandhan and most online gift stores give option to choose Silver Thali along with other highly embellished Thali. Hindu Symbols of Om and Swastik are usually kept at the center of Puja Thali.

    At home, ad-hoc Puja Thali can be made by spreading new cotton cloth or banana leave over Thali from the home kitchen. Swastik can be drawn at the center of Thali.

  2. Puja Rice - Puja rice are called Akshat which are unbroken white rice. Rice can be kept in a Batti or small bowl. A small heap of rice is also looks good in Puja Thali. Tilak done on forehead during Puja is embellished with Akshat rice.

  3. Puja Roli - Puja Roli (red fine Puja powder) is also kept in a Batti or small bowl along with rice. A small Roli heap adjacent to rice is also looks good in Puja Thali. Roli is used for the Tilak on the forehead. Roli is organic powder which is getting used in Puja since ages and Raksha Bandhan rituals itself begins with Roli Tilak on the forehead. Roli is made by mixing Haldi (turmeric) and Chuna (lime) and is also known as Kumkum.

  4. One Nariyal - Traditionally Nariyal, unpeeled and unbroken coconut, is used in Puja and sisters offer it to her brothers during Puja. Most Puja Thali available online includes one embellished Nariyal in it. Unbroken betel nuts can also be used in Puja Thali.

  5. One Small Kalash - One small Kalash filled with fresh water is also kept in Puja Thali. Kalash is considered sacred in Hinduism. Kalash filled with the water is considered a sign of prosperity, abundance and fulfillment. The water from Kalash is used to make Roli paste for drawing Swastik and Raksha Tilak.

  6. Raksha Potli - Although out of popularity, it is tiny Raksha Potli which should be tied on the wrist. According to religious texts, it was Raksha Potli which was tied to the wrist of God Indra. Many gift Thali for Raksha Bandhan includes Potli but it is filled with small Nariyal.
    As per religious texts Raksha Potli should be filled with rice, white mustard and gold (or gold thread). As traditional Raksha Potli is out of fashion and popularity, a tiny homemade Potli can be tied to designer Rakhi available in the market.

  7. Rakhi - Rakhi is easy substitute of Raksha Potli. A pair of designer Rakhi, as even number of Rakhi are considered auspicious, is kept in Puja Thali. Many gift Thali include two Rakhi, one for Bhaiya and another for Bhabhi.
    In North India, some additional Sona Rakhi(s) are also kept in Puja Thali. Sona Rakhi has a colored cotton bulb in the center which makes it easy to stick it to the deity during Rakhi Puja.

  8. Rakhi Sweets - Ghevar, which is very much popular in North Indian state of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, is must sweet for Puja Thali. If Ghevar is not available, any other sweet can be included in Puja Thali. Sweets are offered to brothers after Tilak and Raksha thread.

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