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Shri Yantra Puja Vidhi | Vedic Shri Yantra Prana Pratishtha


Shri Yantra Puja

Shri Yantra Puja

Here we have given Shri Yantra Puja Vidhi of Goddess Lakshmi. This Shri Yantra Puja is one of the most powerful among all Yantra Puja of Goddess Lakshmi.

Shri Yantra
Shri Yantra Puja

This is the detailed ritualistic Puja Vidhi to perform Shri Yantra Puja. Shri Yantra is installed at Puja altar and home. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi herself resides in the Yantra if She is invoked with full Vedic rituals during Yantra Prana Pratishtha. Once Yantra is installed with full Vedic rituals, it is worshipped daily as the personification of Goddess Lakshmi itself.

1. Yantroddhara (यन्त्रोद्धार)

It is very significant to use correct Yantra for Puja. Without correct Yantra, the purpose of Yantra worship would not be fulfilled. Yantra Puja needs Muhurat and should be done on an auspicious day and time. For Shri Sukta Yantra Puja, the days of Lakshmi Puja and Dhanteras are considered auspicious.

Yantra can be drawn on Bhojpatra with red Chandan. However, Yantra made of Gold, Silver and Copper are mostly used for Puja as those can be kept in Puja room for daily worship.

A correctly casted Shri Yantra would have Bindu i.e. the dot in the central, Trikona i.e. a triangle concentric with dot, Ashtadala i.e. a lotus flower with eight leaves concentric with dot and triangle, two Dashadala i.e. a lotus flower with ten leaves outside Astadala, Chaturdashadala i.e. a lotus flower with fourteen leaves, outside the two Dashadala Then again make one Ashtadala and Shodashadala outside Ashtadala. After Shodashadala, three circles should be made and at last all the described steps should be surrounded by four doors in all four directions. These outer doors are known as Bhupur Dwar of Yantra.

2. Peetha Devata Puja (पीठ देवता पूजा)

Now after Yantroddhara, one should worship Peetha Devata begin with Mantra "Om Mam Mandukadi Paratattvanta Peetha Devatabhyo Namah।".

Peetha Devata Puja Mantra in Hindi

1. Om Bam Brahmapretaya Namah।
2. Om Vim Vishnupretaya Namah।
3. Om Rum Rudrapretaya Namah।
4. Om Im Ishwarapretaya Namah।
5. Om Sam Sadashivapretaya Namah।
6. Om Sum Sudharnavasanaya Namah।
7. Om Prem Pretambujasanaya Namah।
8. Om Dim Divyasanaya Namah।
9. Om Cham Chakrasanaya Namah।
10. Om Sam Sarvamantrasanaya Namah।
11. Om Sam Sadhyasiddhasanaya Namah।

3. Peetha Shakti Puja (पीठ शक्ति पूजा)

Now after performing Peetha Devata Puja, one should worship first eight Peetha Shakti in eight directions and last in the center while chanting following Mantra.

Peetha Shakti Puja Mantra in Hindi

1. Om Ichchhaya Namah।
2. Om Jnanayai Namah।
3. Om Kriyaya Namah।
4. Om Kaminyai Namah।
5. Om Kamadayinyai Namah।
6. Om Ratyai Namah।
7. Om Ratipriyayai Namah।
8. Om Nandayai Namah।
9. Madhye - Om Manonmanyai Namah।

4. Avahana (आवाहन)

Now one should invoke Yantravarana Devata into the Madhya Bindu i.e the center dot of the Yantra while chanting following Mantra.

Avahana Mantra in Hindi

Balarkayuta Tejasam Trinayanam Raktambarollasinim,
Nanalankritirajamanavapusham Balodurat Shekharam।
Hastairikshudhanuh Srinim Sumasharam Pasham Muda Vibhratim,
Shrichakra Sthita Sundarim Trijagatamadharabhutam Smaret॥

5. Avarana Pujanam (आवरण पूजनम्)

After Avahana, Avarana Puja is the most important part of Yantra Puja. For Shri Yantra, total twelve Avarana Puja are performed. Avarana Puja should begin with the following Mantra.

Avarana Pujan Mantra in Hindi

During each Avarana Puja, Yantra should be worshiped with Akshata, flower, Dhoop, Deep and Gandha while chanting each Mantra. Tarpan should be done along with each Mantra.

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