Lakshmi Puja Items during Deepavali - Special Lakshmi Puja Samagri

Lakshmi Puja Items
Lakshmi Puja Samagri (सामग्री)
Following items, which are needed during five days Diwali Puja, should be collected before Diwali. This list doesn't include daily Puja items but it lists only those items which are needed especially for Diwali Puja.
  1. New Murti (Idols) of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi
  2. Bahi-Khata (Account Books)
  3. One red silk cloth for Goddess Lakshmi, One yellow cloth and Inkpot with pen
  4. One red cloth for God's Aasan (seating)
  5. Wooden stool for keeping Murti(s)
  6. Five big earthen Deepak (lamp)
  7. Small earthen Deepak (at least 25)
  8. One fresh earthen Kalash (pitcher)
  9. Flowers and at least three garlands made of fresh flowers
  10. Bilva-leaves and Tulsi-leaves
  11. Naivedhya e.g. sweets, fruits, sugarcane, Lava (parched rice)
  12. Sweet Paan (at least 3)
  13. One pen made of pomegranate or Bilva branch
  14. Duba (दूब) - Durva grass
  15. Pancha Pallav(पञ्च पल्लव) - twigs of following five trees
    • Mango
    • Palash
    • Banyan
    • Peepal
    • Bakul (बकुल)
  16. Sarvoshadhi (सर्वौषधि) – ten following herbs
    • Mura (मुरा)
    • Jatamasi (जटामासी)
    • Bach (बच)
    • Kushtha (कुष्ठ)
    • Shaileya (शैलेय)
    • Haradi (हरदी)
    • Daru-Haradi (दारु-हरदी)
    • Soonthi (सूंठी)
    • Champak (चम्पक)
    • Musta (मुस्ता)
  17. Sapt-Mritika (सप्त-मृत्तिका)- mud collected from 7 places
    • Horse Stable
    • Elephant Stable
    • Cow Shelter
    • Ant Heap
    • River confluence
    • Lowland
    • Royal Palace
If some of the items are not available then Akshata can be used in place of missing item as a remedy.
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