2019 Kumari Puja during Navratri and Durga Puja for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

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2019 Kumari Puja
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2019 Kumari Puja timings during Navratri for Ujjain, India

Kumari Puja on

October 2019
Kumari Puja during Navratri
Kumari Puja during Navratri

Kumari Puja Time

Ashtami Tithi Begins = 09:50 on 5/Oct/2019
Ashtami Tithi Ends = 10:54 on 6/Oct/2019
Note - 24-hour clock with local time of Ujjain & DST adjusted for all Muhurat timings (if applicable)
2019 Kumari Puja, Kanya Puja

Kumari Puja is a significant ritual during Navratri and Durga Puja. Kumari Puja is also known as Kanya Puja and Kumarika Puja.

In religious texts Kumari Puja is suggested on all nine days of Navratri. On the first day of Navratri only single girl should be worshipped and one girl should be added on each day. However many people prefer to perform Kumari Puja on a single day either on Ashtami Puja day or Navami Puja day. Drik Panchang lists Kumari Puja on Ashtami Tithi. However, the day of Kumari Puja should be preferred as per Kul and family tradition. In Belur Math, Kumari Puja is performed on Ashtami Tithi.

As per religious texts, two to ten year’s old girls are suitable for Kumari Puja and the one year old girl should be avoided. The girls from two to ten years represent various forms of Durga and named as
  1. Kumarika
  2. Trimurti
  3. Kalyani
  4. Rohini
  5. Kali
  6. Chandika
  7. Shanbhavi
  8. Durga
  9. Bhadra or Subhadra
During Kumari Puja, each girl is worshipped with dedicated Mantra. The suitable girl for Kumari Puja should be healthy and free from all sorts of diseases and physical defects. It is believed that Brahmin girls should be chosen to fulfill all sorts of wishes, Kshatriya girls for the glory and fame, Vaishya girls for wealth and prosperity and Shudra girls for getting the son.
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